Face masks with aloe Vera ― effective recipes from the juice of the plant

Face masks with aloe Vera ― effective recipes from the juice of the plant

Many people have heard About the medicinal properties of such a unique home plant as aloe. But not everyone knows that it can be used as a cosmetic for skin and hair. Create your own mask from aloe Vera will make the skin clearer, brighter and younger. With regular use, it is able to radically transform the appearance.

Mask with aloe Vera for face: how they work

When regular use of masks from the leaves of Millennials in the skin there are a number of noticeable changes. It is capable of:

  • protect from adverse environmental effects;
  • make skin softer by moisturizing it;
  • remove greasy Shine and make pores already;
  • relieve irritation;
  • smooth fine lines;
  • to make the skin lighter;
  • clear from pollutions'.

Face masks with aloe Vera ― effective recipes from the juice of the plant

Aloe Mask for the face will be especially good for those who want to keep the skin younger, because its main advantage ― rejuvenating effect.

Aloe masks: indications for use

Any cosmetic, first of all, should be prepared for a specific skin type, but there are exceptions to this rule. Masks with aloe are universal. Without any fear, it can be used for skin the following types:

  • oily pulp of the agave will be removed from the surface of the film;
  • dry ― aloe is a powerful moisturizer;
  • fading ― the mask will smooth out small irregularities, make the skin more taut and elastic;
  • normal ― can be used as a tonic to remove impurities and clean pores;
  • problematic ― the century plant will reduce inflammation and disinfect the damaged area will help the skin the skin to recover faster.

Face masks with aloe Vera ― effective recipes from the juice of the plant

Aloe face masks: recipes

On the basis of Millennials developed many recipes masks. They should be applied for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Recipes for normal or combination skin:

With honey. One tablespoon of fresh millennial juice mixed with two tablespoons of liquid (or melted) honey.

With cream. Two tablespoons of aloe juice mixed with two tablespoons of thick cream, better home.

Recipes for problem skin:

With protein. Three tablespoons of plant juice mixed with one chicken protein. Beat until tender foams.

Mask from acne from aloe. Squeeze one glass of juice from the plant, add the gauze in 10 layers, soak it well and apply to the face. Use regularly.

Recipes for aging skin

With herbs. Three tablespoons of juice of three-year leaves of Millennials mixed with crushed herbs: rose, chamomile, St. John's wort, lime blossom, peppermint. Dry parts of the plants take about one dining room spoon.

Face masks with aloe Vera ― effective recipes from the juice of the plant

With yolk. Mix one chicken yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil and juice with aloe.

Recipes for oily skin

With lemon. Two tablespoons of millennial juice mixed with lemon juice in equal proportions. Apply to the face with a cotton pad.

With alcohol. To prepare an infusion of the herb and alcohol or vodka and infuse for one week. Use as a lotion.

Recipes for dry skin

With sour cream. The juice of the plant is mixed with whipped yolk and a teaspoon of sour cream.

Complex. Take one teaspoon of plant juice, olive oil, honey and oatmeal. Mix well.

Mask with aloe for hair

Aloe hair Mask is able to strengthen, moisturize, improve color, add Shine and stimulate active growth. For its preparation it is necessary to mix the juice of two tablespoons of Millennials with two teaspoons of castor oil, one yolk and three tablespoons of nettle broth. Apply the mixture for 30 minutes, wrap your head with a towel and rinse with shampoo. This aloe hair mask will enhance growth and cure split ends.

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