Extreme weight loss: eliminates a few extra pounds, but leads the body to stress

Really need to be in shape in a week, and sooner rather urgently need to get into a dress or pants, really wants suddenly to surprise someone. At least one of these phrases from time to time visits all the girls and women. It is very difficult to find someone who questions the figures is not concerned at all. But there are moments when the only thing that can save the situation is extreme weight loss.

Immediately I must say that this business is not for those who have any health problems. Side effects – unpredictable, because a sharp change in diet completely restructures the whole body.

Extreme weight loss is rather a way to tell yourself that everything possible has been done to change the situation somehow. Sometimes it results in the fact that the attitude to their diet is completely revised, sometimes – ends a few days before the next session extreme sport.

Extreme weight loss: does it make sense to overload the body?

The Maximum that can be done to quickly lose weight is to minimize food intake (but not drinking), especially one that contributes to the body fluid retention: salty and spicy. Also, extreme ways to lose weight include increased physical activity. Here caution as not only proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also mineral substances required for tissue formation.

What is to lose weight fast?

If you sit in one tea or juices no strength or capabilities, it is best to limit protein rich foods, a small the amount of which will quickly suppress hunger. But in order for it to be properly absorbed, vegetables, fruits and lettuce are added. Divide it into small portions and eat more often.

Thus, the extreme weight loss program is:

  • complete failure or the most limited meal;
  • a large number of drinking liquid (water, tea, juices);
  • increased physical activity (walking, running, swimming, jumping rope).

Extreme weight loss: does it make sense to overload the body?

The Most difficult thing with such a drastic change in lifestyle is to convince yourself that for the next few days nothing strange will happen and replace thoughts about food with deeds or communication. It is tempting to measure the waist, and become every hour on the scale. The body reacts more slowly than desires Mature. It checks how much resources are available, how to redistribute energy consumption and to optimize the functioning of vital organs. Extreme weight loss – it is rather extreme patience to allow the body to get used to, rather than enter into stress, followed by "emergency" accumulation of fat.

There is less and more often

Extreme weight loss: does it make sense to overload the body?

One of the best diets in such a harsh restructuring is protein. Supplying the body with energy that will be spent for a long time, such food is usually valuable amino acids are important for maintaining the health of the nervous system. If you approach the question of how to lose weight extremely and then do not return the same and even more, more carefully, the diet to which the body is accustomed to, do not need to be changed. It changes only the volume, which is reduced by 2 or 3 times. And here, again, the main thing is to convince yourself that this number is enough at the moment.

Any extreme ways to lose weight – a temporary step that requires a short effort. As a way to prove to yourself that there is a chance to control your body, they act. But for a better transformation of appearance you need to choose something else.

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