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Exercises against celluliteThey Say the most effective exercise against cellulite in the world is to choose a carpet that is thicker and a Thong that is thinner. Spread out the first, put on the second, sit down with the fifth point and "walk" on the long-suffering priest until you get bored. But seriously, cellulite exercises are probably the most "mythologized" sphere of fitness. Someone says from tubercles and hollows not to get rid of, they are a secondary sex characteristic, someone says that should turn around cling film and jump on the rope and then coat the places where cellulite cream pepper yadrena. Most of the anti-cellulite exercises seem to have been invented by the misogynist club during the period of exacerbation. In fact, everything is much easier. Build muscle corset, improve blood circulation and problem areas will become smooth.

Exercises against cellulite: what not to do

1. Film wrap, anti-cellulite cream plus running or home cleaning

Why: Yes, under the film your buttocks and thighs will sweat. Simply put, you will lose a lot of moisture. This means that together with the water will leave and skin tone. Guess what will show up on your thighs after you remove the film? That's right, he is the greatest and terrible. Anti-cellulite creams in the mass contain caffeine and kapstein, which means you may earn yourself a thermal burn or Allergy. Besides, the active movements in the film are too strong they load the cardiovascular system, which, to put it mildly, is not useful. After these "exercises" you want to drink, and quickly replenish water supplies. From this point on, the process will start again.

2. Lots and lots of leg swings

Why: Here, the principle of "many movements, little result". Yes, Mach legs – a good exercise for beginners fitness. However, they do not build strong dense muscles, namely the latter are the main enemies cellulite, not diet and anti-cellulite cream. Performing Mahi, you just pump blood into the lower extremities, while muscle fibers are stretched and reduced with a small amplitude. This is not bad as an additional exercise, after the muscles have worked qualitatively. So it is better not to waste time on an hour of Mach, and instead perform a set of strength exercises.

Cellulite Exercises: what to do

1. Three times a week perform a set of strength exercises for the whole body

Yes, you read it right, not "for the legs and butt", and for the whole body, including arms, abs, chest. Why it works? Because accelerates metabolism, and better just "pumps" blood circulation. How to do? Ideally, you should pick up a fitness video or go to a sports club.

In the first case, take the No More Trouble Zones, fitness with Katie Smith (sometimes called fat Burning with Katie Smith), or the good old Cindy Crawford drive. If you don't like exercises with dumbbells, do callanetics, just forget everything that is written about nutrition and the gym. Eat balanced, and do not arrange long breaks between meals, then the effect will be faster.

In the second case, go to body Pump or Hot Iron or any other full body strength training. At the same time, if you can not deal with the coach individually, it is better to go to group classes, so you can maintain the desired pace, which will help get rid of fat – the second "secret component" of cellulite.

2. Five times in a week, perform cardio activity
Run, swim, dance, move! The important thing here is not the type, but the duration of training. You must work for 30 minutes without interruption at least. In the days of power operation, whichever comes first, cardio after.

These two simple steps work much better than creams, massages and anti-cellulite diets. Of course, you can do all of the above, but competent organization of training plays here the most important role.

Cellulite Exercises – especially for AzbukaDiet.ru – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

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