Exercises on the bar for all muscle groups: videos, photos

There Is a myth that there are exercises on the bar for all muscle groups. In fact, it is not quite so. The truth is that during classes on the bar, many muscles function, but some do not strain at all. To exercise on the crossbar were effective, it is necessary to understand which parts of the body take increased load, and which "remain in side."

The Advantages of training on the horizontal bar

Due to training on the crossbar, you can pump the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, back and press in a short time, achieving the first results in a month. The main advantages of training on horizontal bar:

  • strengthening of the spinal column;
  • increase growth;
  • formation of correct posture;
  • prevention of diseases caused by circulatory disorders, etc.

Such results will be achieved only if engaged on a permanent basis.

Note! It is strictly forbidden to jump off the horizontal bar sharply, as it can lead to injuries.

Bar exercises for all muscle groups

Exercises on the tunic are useful not only for adults, but also for children who have posture formation. Strengthening the back, you can avoid scoliosis and other problems associated with curvature of the spine in the future. Men training on the bar helps to become stronger, pump up muscles and make the appearance more attractive to the opposite sex. For women, such classes are also useful because they can strengthen breast.

Bar Exercises for all muscle groups

The horizontal Bar is designed for pull-UPS, but they can be performed in various ways, exerting a load on certain muscle groups. And it is not necessary to visit the gym for this, you can do at home, if you install the crossbar and the right to make a training program. In addition to pull-UPS, there are other exercises on the bar.

Changing the intensity of the load during pull-UPS on the bar, you can work out specific areas. Wide grip helps to pump your back quickly. Narrow and medium grip makes the muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms work. When training on a thick crossbar, the load is stronger than during training on a thin bar.

Note! Before you start pulling up, you need to warm up the muscles. The ideal option for a warm-up is an easy run.

Performing pull-UPS and other exercises on the bar, it is important to adhere to certain recommendations:

  • movements should be smooth;
  • exercise is desirable to do so in a measured, using the strength of the muscles;
  • when performing exercises on the bar, the technique should be monitored to avoid injuries – part of the load is transferred to the joints, improper technique can lead to stretching, tearing or bruising.

Respect all the rules depends on the end result trainings.

For hands

Any exercise performed on the bar develops arm muscles. However, among them there are those that provide the maximum load on the upper limbs. To the complex belongs to the exercise pulling up on one hand.

To perform a pull-up on one hand, you need to do the following:

  1. Grasp the horizontal bar with both hands using the reverse grip. Pull up to the chin was at the level of the crossbar.
  2. Lower one hand and grasp the other at the wrist. Slow down.
  3. Perform a similar exercise, using the other hand to pull.

exercises on the bar for hands

For beginners, pull-UPS on one hand are difficult, so it is better to perform simpler exercises first, and then start complex training.

For biceps

Exercises for a bicep on a horizontal bar do as follows:

  1. to Take the bar in reverse grip, brush post next. Bend your back.
  2. Pull yourself up, shoulders back and shoulders back. Chest muscles should touch the horizontal bar, back bend stronger (as in the photo).
  3. Slowly descend.

exercises on the bar for biceps

This exercise will help to make biceps relief, but for this you should follow the correct technique.

For triceps

Exercise for triceps do as follows:

  1. Hold the bar so that one fist is placed in front of the other.
  2. Raise the body to the horizontal bar, alternately leading the head to the right and left.
  3. slowly descend After each ascent.

exercise on the bar for the triceps

Position of the hands must to change between sets.

For pectoral muscles

To effectively work out the muscles of the chest, it is recommended to perform exercises with a narrow grip. Make classic pull-UPS, holding the bar with a straight grip. It is important to monitor your own breathing. On the rise take a breath, and when lowering – breath. Breathing through the nose, it is necessary to control its rhythm so that it does not get off. In addition, the technique for pulling up the chest muscles is considered correct if exercise is performed smoothly. Sudden movements during exercise invalid, although to make it simpler. On the rise, it is desirable to spend as much time as the descent.

exercises on the bar for chest muscles

For reference! For beginners it is better to pay most attention to the quality of execution of pull-UPS, not the number of repetitions. In the future, when the technique is worked out to automatism, the number of repetitions can be gradually increased.

There is another effective exercise on the bar, which helps to pump the pectoral muscles:

  1. Hang on the bar, holding the crossbar with a straight or reverse grip.
  2. to Bend the leg in knees.
  3. to Reach the right knee to the left shoulder, then left knee to right shoulder.

exercises on the bar for chest muscles

Thus, alternately involving in the work of one, then the other leg, you can quickly pump up the chest muscles on the bar.


The horizontal bar training Program includes pull-UPS that help to make the shoulders wider and more developed. To make them, you need the following:

  1. Grasp the bar with a straight grip, placing your hands side by side.
  2. Caved in the back, to catch up to the bar that the bar was at chest level.
  3. Slowly descend.

exercise on a horizontal bar for shoulders

For backs

The Most effective exercise for the back, which can be performed on the bar, is pulling to the chest with a wide grip. As a rule, many beginners do it wrong.

The Wide-grip pull-up to the chest is as follows:

  1. Take hold of the crossbar with your hands with a straight wide grip (place them at the maximum distance from each other). Bend your knees.
  2. Pull your chest up to the level of the crossbar. The elbows are moving towards the lower back. Shoulder blades brought together, back bent.
  3. go Down slowly, down.

exercise on the bar for the back

When you perform this exercise, you need to understand that the wider the grip, the more strain on the back. Accordingly, the effectiveness of pull-UPS will be higher.

It is Much easier to perform the exercise with an average grip on the bar to work out the back muscles:

  1. Grasp the bar with a straight grip, placing your hands on shoulder width.
  2. Slowly, pull up to his chest touched the horizontal bar. Shoulder blades to settle together.
  3. Go down, straighten your arms at the elbows. Hang a little in that position.

exercise on the bar for the back

For press

Well, to some, seem strange that on the bar, you can perform lower body exercises. However, it is not pull-UPS. To do an exercise to work out the muscles of the press can be as follows:

  1. Take hold of the bar reverse or direct grip. The distance between the hand value in this case is not.
  2. Lift the straight legs together to form a right angle with the torso.
  3. Pausing in this position for a few seconds, lower the legs down.

exercise on the bar for the press

This exercise helps to make the muscles of the press more relief, thereby significantly improve the appearance.



Exercises on the horizontal bar, you can't carry everything. In some cases, such activities can lead to injury or worsen the overall state of man. As a rule, it is not recommended to train in various disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Contraindications apply to the following cases:

  • scoliosis, even in mild degree;
  • herniated discs – this is especially true of people who are overweight;
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Before you develop a program of classes on the bar, you need to consult with the doctor, because the allowable load in each case is individual. For example, in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the doctor may allow you to perform exercises, after examining the patient. However, it is recommended to do it with caution, because one wrong move can lead to increased pain and the appearance of new symptoms, such as dizziness and so on.

If the herniated disc strongly expressed, to practice on the horizontal bar or uneven bars strongly prohibited. In such cases, it is impossible not only to catch up, but just hang.

Video: how to pump muscles on the bar

To Those who want to have relief biceps, triceps, inflated shoulders, back and chest, without visiting the gym, experts recommend practicing on the bar at home. To achieve the desired result, you can contact a professional coach who will develop an individual complex exercises'.

Pump muscle on the bar is not difficult, enough have desire to. For greater efficiency, you can use weighting. You can learn the technique of performing exercises on the bar with the help of video.

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