Exercises on fitball for weight loss, fitball for pregnant women

Exercises on fitball for weight lossFitball or Swiss ball – almost the first sports equipment, which it is recommended to buy for everyone who wants to lose weight. Exercises on fitball for weight loss – a really effective solution. First of all, the ball can be used for cardio, and for the development of strength and the acquisition of slim fit forms, and for the development of balance.

Pregnant women, people with spinal injuries, and older persons can Deal with fitball. Well, those who have long been engaged in fitness at home, will discover new, more complex options classical exercises.

Fitball slimming: dance

These exercises with fitball – complex for the average level of training all muscle groups. Practice three times a day. week, alternate training days with days of rest, and do not forget to monitor nutrition and lead an active lifestyle.

warm Up
Perform 30 additional steps in each direction. Take the fitball in your hands, and take another 30 steps, but now bring the ball with your hands in the direction of movement. Don't lift it above the shoulder line.
Then take 60 steps with high knee stretch in place, the fitball while lay on the floor.
Then within 1 minute run a little.
Then take the ball in your hands, with your palms as if squeeze it inside, raise it above your head and lower it at waist level, and your legs at this time walk at a calm pace.
Then follow these simple 10-20 squats holding ball in front of him.
Then sit on the fitball, feet rest on the floor, and a little jump on the spot or moving around the room

thigh Exercise
Stand up straight, clamp the fitball inner the surface of the thigh and squeeze as hard as you can. Fix the pose for 60 seconds, try not to put the pelvis back and "force" pull the stomach.
Then, without releasing the clamping of the ball, do 20-30 jumping on toes.
Repeat the exercise 2-3 times from the beginning.

fitball Exercise for butt lift
Stand up straight, put your left foot on the fitball, bend your right foot slightly, roll the fitball with your foot to the left so that your the figure began to resemble the letter "T". Left leg and body in the same plane, arms in front of the chest. From this pose, perform 20 squats on your right leg, keep the balance by pulling the press.
Then repeat the exercise with your left foot.
Just need to repeat the exercise 2-3 times from the beginning.

Exercise for arms and chest
Put your shins on the fitball, put your hands on the floor. Get a push-up pose. Slowly squeeze 10 times, spreading your elbows in sides, palms wider than shoulders.
Then place the palms strictly under the shoulders and squeeze again 10 times, directing the elbows up and forearms – along the body. Repeat 2-3 times.
Then do 30 jumping sitting on a fitball in place, and 30 jumping moves.

Exercise with fitball for the whole body
Take the starting position for push-UPS, but roll the ball so that it is under the shins. Straight arm stand in the focus. Belly pull, shoulder blades press to the spine, in the lower back do not bend. Hold this pose for 60 seconds.
Then slowly tear off your right hand and pull it forward. Fix the pose for 60 seconds, repeat with the left hand.
Finally, bending your legs and straining the lower press, roll the ball to your stomach and bring it back. Repeat the last movement 20 times.
Do exercise 2-3 times from the beginning.

the Exercise on the ball for belly slimming
Lie on the floor, take the starting position for the classic twist, but hold the ball between the shins. Pull the ball up to your chest, lifting your feet off the floor and twisting at the bottom of the press. From this position, pass the ball into your hands, lower your legs. With the ball, touch the floor behind your head, and from this position twist the upper part of the press forward, the ball in front of you. Pass it "in feet" and repeat at first 10-20 times.
Exercise is performed in 3-4 sets.
After completing this exercise, lie back on the ball and relax.

Fitball Exercises for pregnant

Fitball helps pregnant women strengthen pelvic floor muscles, relieve stress with loins and reduce back pain.

Exercises for pregnant women on fitball – mini-complex for evening relaxation:

Exercise 1
Sit on the fitball straight, arms outstretched shoulders to the ears do not stretch. Roll the ball in circles movements from right to left and Vice versa to relieve tension from the pelvic floor muscles.

Exercise 2
Move the fitball floor lower back, hands freely lower down along the sides, relax in this position for a minute. Then gently roll the ball under the lower back clockwise and counterclockwise.

Exercise 3
Gently roll the ball forward, so that it remained only the blades. Strain the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, bring the body in parallel floor. Make sure the position is stable and lock the pose for 10-60 seconds. Then you can perform a "massage" of the thoracic spine, slightly moving the ball left and right.

Exercise 4
Lie on your back on the floor, place the ball under your feet and roll away from yourself. Let the feet are on the ball as a pillow. Relax, shift weight from one heel to the other, tapping his heels on the ball.

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How to choose a ball for an exercise ball?

Best choosing a fitball and sit on it, your feet must stand quietly on the floor a full foot, and the thigh should be parallel to the floor.

Also can be Orient on size, if your growth:

  • up to 152 cm size exercise ball, 45 cm,
  • 153-165 cm – ball size 55 cm,
  • 166-185 cm – choose an exercise ball size 65 sm,
  • above 186cm – ball size 75cm.

Fitball with "horns" is necessary if you want to perform jumping exercises. And "pimples" on the ball will add a massage effect.

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