Exercises on a stepper with video

Training on the stepperIn order to be slim, beautiful and healthy, it is not necessary go to the gym, of course, if you have a stepper at home. This is an excellent medicationcenter classes which have excellent fat burning and health benefits.

Advantages classes on stepper

Stepper is a unique cardio trainer with extremely effective action. Classes on it:

  • Lead to normal functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • Significantly strengthen and tone the heart muscle;
  • Normalize the respiratory system;
  • Improve the overall condition of the muscle tissue of the whole body.

Training on the stepper
Stepper is indispensable and for those who crave, above all, beauty. The effect of the simulator extends primarily to the lower part of the body and is comparable to the effect of a long walk.

A Set of exercises on the stepper will help you lose weight, as well as simulate the shape of the thighs, calf muscles, tibia.

Stepper Exercises will also have a positive effect on the condition of the abdominal muscles, making them tightened and elastic.

Rules training facilities on stepper

Complex training on the stepper should be developed taking into account the purely individual characteristics of the figure. The basic principles of the stepper described in the video lesson:

First of all, before you start training, don't forget about the warm-up. It will help to prepare the muscles accordingly. For this purpose, perfectly suited, for example, stretching exercises. Preheating your muscles will help you minimize the risk of injury and fatigue.
Beginners should not engage on the stepper for more than 15 minutes. To increase the load slowly only in that case if you feel, you are already used to the previous one. During one training session you should not add more than 10 minutes of load.
To get the most out of your training, you need to keep your body in the right position. To do this, the entire area of the foot lean on the pedal, spread your knees to the sides. Keep your back straight, while slightly tilting the body forward. If you have a stepper has handrails for hands, make sure that they are relaxed. Otherwise, the entire burden will fall on the hands, and you will not get from exercise the desired effect. Have a look the following video:

To session on the stepper brought the greatest possible benefit, begin and end the lesson in a relaxed, unhurried pace.

Maximum use of stepper – with regular use

The Final stage of training should be stretching complex. It is recommended to do it for 7-10 minutes. Thanks to this you will be able to consolidate the result. In addition, such exercises will relieve unnecessary stress.
If you have been working on a stepper for a long time and your body has already got used to the loads, it is advisable to alternate classes on the stepper and other types of physical activity that would affect other muscle groups.
Thanks to these recommendations and, of course, regular training on the stepper, you will be able to say goodbye to extra pounds and significantly improve their own health.

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