Exercises for spine video exercises for lumbar spine, herniation of the spine, for the spine in osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic spine, herniation of the cervical.

Exercises to strengthen the spineIf your lifestyle leaves little time for movement or, conversely, the load during the day is too strong, performing daily exercises for the spine, you can protect yourself in the future from many diseases. To find out what exercises are recommended for spinal hernia, you can watch the corresponding video with the exercises. Spine – supporting structure, flexible, mobile and performing its functions under certain conditions. body position. If most of the time he is in an unnatural state for him (strongly bent in the neck or chest, arched in the lumbar region, overloaded), the supporting muscles weaken, it is deformed and injured, and with it injured and internal organs. If you have a herniated lumbar spine, these exercises will help to solve problems with the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Exercises to give the spine flexibility and mobility

In the Morning, to return the mobility of the spine, it is enough to do a few simple exercises. There are exercises for each spine, more visual use can be found in the video.

  1. Lying in bed, stretch your feet and hands in opposite directions. This will increase blood circulation. It is also a good exercise for the cervical spine, as the head rests on a pillow, and the shoulder and neck muscles do not compress the vessels.
  2. Standing on all fours, as much as possible to raise the thoracic spine up, and then as low as possible to lower it down. Repeating several times, freeze for a couple of seconds in each of the end positions. Such simple exercises for the thoracic spine will also improve the lungs and heart area.
  3. Lay down on your belly and put hands in front of him. Now rest them on the floor and raise the upper body as high as possible, throw his head back. This exercise for the lumbar spine helps to restore its natural deflection. To fix a pose and on an exhalation again to lay down on hands.
  4. Also, lying on your stomach and on your hands, take as far as possible right left leg and stretch. Do the same for the right leg, which will stretch to the left. Between changing legs, you can lie down, breath.

Exercises to relieve tension from the spine

In the Evening, when the spine is compressed, the best thing to do for it is to pull it out and relax the muscles around. The simplest set of exercises for the spine: hang for a few seconds on the crossbar (you can not even take your feet off the floor) and make a few jerky movements of the hips to the right and left, if there is no medical prohibition, then this exercise can be performed with a lumbar hernia of the spine. You can also lie on your back, pull up your knees, wrap your arms around them and swing back and forth several times. If there are doubts about the correctness of the exercise for the spine, watch the video first.

The Most comfortable for lifting dynamic load of the spine is the aquatic environment. With hernia the only thing that the doctor can allow is to visit the pool and perform simple exercises in the water. In the water, the spine is free from the force of gravity and the tension of the muscles surrounding it is minimal. In the pool it is desirable to perform and exercises for the spine in osteochondrosis. Improves blood circulation and increases intervertebral space, reduced pain and intensive recovery processes. In any case, competently performed exercises to strengthen the spine will only benefit the whole body.

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