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Having a slim and fit body is a cherished dream of many girls and women. Most often, a clear dissatisfaction with his figure arises in the spring, when the warm weather and the bright sun forced to say goodbye to the wide shapeless things. And here it turns out, that numerous winter holidays not in vain and left a very noticeable mark on rasplyvsheysya waist and rounded hips. Temporary disappointment and sadness gives way to firm intention to regain his former slimness and lightness in order to not become! But where to start the fight against excess weight? Start by reading this article and you will learn how to achieve a beautiful figure at home – how to eat and exercise.

Exercises for a beautiful figure: do effective complexes at home

The First thing you need to do before starting classes is to determine the goal. What you want? Lose some weight or just tighten your muscles? And can throw off the whole 15-20 kg? Depending on the purpose and you need to pick up the physical activity that will meet your needs. If your task is to say goodbye to a couple of hated kilos, find a slim fit body, and you have no health problems, you can start with video lessons for home training, which we have prepared especially for you.

Slim body for spring - tips and exercises for a beautiful figure

So, for weight loss, you need to perform cardio exercises, but in order to achieve athletic toned figure - strength training. To quickly achieve maximum effect, if you combine both kinds of loads in each workout. The fact that the strength exercises, though aimed at improving muscle tone, but also help to burn fat. A light cardio before the main strength training perfectly warms up and helps to avoid injuries and sprains. Therefore, in training for weight loss, be sure to include not only active cardio, but also a small complex of power exercises'.

The Best "fat burning" exercises for a beautiful figure:

  • Bicycle
  • running
  • skipping rope
  • jumping

Slim body for spring - tips and exercises for a beautiful figure

Skipping Rope is an ideal home simulator: it does not take much space, does not require special skills, costs a "penny", and the result is stunning. If you have no problems with joints or other medical contraindications be sure to include the rope in your complex for weight loss. Start with 100-200 jumps in one approach, and within a month increase the load to 500-1000 jumps, and the number of approaches to 3-4. Replace the rope can run on the spot, jumping Jacks, Bupra exercises.

Between cardio perform strength exercises: alternate lunges, deep squats, push-UPS, twisting on the press. This training is called interval training, and is the most effective for fat burning.

The structure of the power training must include cardiopatici at the beginning and stretching at the end. Active warm-up warms up the muscles before exercise and stretching eases delayed onset muscle soreness the next day. Each separate strength training should be aimed at working out certain muscle groups. For example, if you practice 3 times a week, then on Monday do exercises on the legs and buttocks, on Wednesday - on the back and hands, and on Friday - to study the press. The order may vary depending on your personal goals and preferences. You can also do a circular training, which will exercises for all groups muscle.

Slim body for spring - tips and exercises for a beautiful figure

How to lose weight in 30 days: the secrets of proper nutrition

In Addition to intensive loads do not forget about a balanced diet. Here are some rules that are important to follow when losing weight.

  1. Calculate daily intake of calories and the number of PFC according to your personal parameters.
  2. Follow a simple rule: complex carbohydrates and fats eat in the morning, proteins - in the afternoon. On the day of training acceptable small increase in the number of carbohydrates in the diet.
  3. After an hour of physical activity, you can eat a little protein food. For example, drink a glass of low-fat kefir or eat 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.
  4. At the time of weight loss exclude high-calorie sweets and flour products.
  5. Eat more vegetables and fruits. In order not to get better, it is better to eat fruit for Breakfast and vegetables for dinner.
  6. make healthy snacks in the form of a handful of nuts or low-fat yogurt Between meals.

And last but not least , motivate yourself correctly. For example, buy a chic dress 2 sizes smaller. Tested: new beautiful clothes - the best female motivation.

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