Exercise on a stationary bike for weight loss

it would Seem that it can be easier: sit yourself on a stationary bike and pedal, dream that the muscles of the legs are strengthened and tightened, the figure becomes slim and relief, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, blood circulation improves, endurance increases, etc. But, as it turned out, all effective exercises on a stationary bike require compliance with some rules and follow special rules. programs.

Basic rules of exercise bike

1. Warm-up is aimed at warming up the muscles, kneading the joints and ligaments, etc. it is suitable For conventional exercises: rotation of the arms, legs and head in all directions, light squats, slow Jogging, torso tilts forward and to the sides. The main thing is to feel how the body has put into operation all the systems of life.

2. The first few minutes from the beginning of training should not pedal intensively, but gradually the pace should increase.

3. Listen carefully to the body, what it needs to load. You do not need to immediately "rush into battle", it is enough to start with a 20-minute workout, but, in any case, do not stop at the result achieved, the training should be complicated.

4. Motivation is one of the most important factors for achieving optimal results from exercise on a stationary bike for losing weight. Imagining how the body during a workout filled with strength, thigh and abdomen become firmer, with a healthy blush, etc.you can achieve incredible effect.

5. Pulse rate for each is calculated individually: from 220 subtracted age in years, the result will determine the maximum pulse during exercise on a stationary bike, for intensive weight loss is required to observe the pulse rate of about 70% of the maximum.

6. The amount of training for beginners should not exceed 4 per week, and be sure to alternate with rest periods.

Exercise Bike program

A Simple set of exercises on a stationary bike for beginners includes the following steps:

1-3 minute – warm up;
4-6 min – speed 15 km/h, resistance – 20 %;
6-9 minute – speed increases up to 20 km/h and resistance up to 40%;
9-12 minute – do not slow down to lift the hips over the seat, resistance – 50%;
12-16 minute back of the thigh or the seat and do some exercises with a dumbbell;
16-19 minute – speed increase to 25 km/h, resistance remains the same;
– the last minute – the speed is intensively reduced to the initial 15 km/h.

Effective exercise on the exercise bike for the buttocks will be, if you set the seat higher, in this case, more "work" hips and breeches area, if the seat is set at the lower level, the load is more on the Shin, knee and ankles. Also buttocks acquire ideal forms if during training on a stationary bike to lift hips over a saddle, to shift the center of gravity in turn to the parties, to stretch the gluteal muscles during movement.

After training, it is necessary to perform a set of exercises to stretch the muscles to relieve tension from them.

Exercise on a stationary bike should be regular, performed with pleasure and in compliance with all the rules and then the body will thank you with good health and perfect forms.

Author: Dymanic

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