Excess weight: causes

Causes of excess weightIn modern society, more and more people are faced with the problem of excess weight. It is not only that the standards of beauty have changed, and became fashionable thinness, but also that the number of people with excess body weight is rapidly increasing.

What weight is excessive

Today under the influence of the mass media the extra weight in currently looking for almost all girls. To determine whether you should be worried, you need to determine the body mass index. This can be done as follows: body weight is divided into growth squared. If you get a result that does not exceed 24.9, your weight is within the permissible limits. If your performance is higher, then you should do extra pounds.
First of all, you need to determine why, in fact, you got fat. The fact is that there are many ways, effective and not, with which you can try to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, however, you should first know the reasons for their appearance. After all, in order to avoid such problems in the future, it is necessary to find out what led to the formation of excess weight.
So, the main causes of overweight are the following factors:

  • overeating;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • genetics;
  • hormones;
  • pregnancy;
  • psychological reasons.

Causes of excess weight


This is the most common cause of overweight. Today, more and more people are sedentary, sedentary way of life. At the same time, the quality and caloric content of food has significantly increased in recent decades. So it turns out that people began to receive significantly more calories than spend during the day. They something and settle on waist fat folds of.
More and more people use food as a source of pleasure: with the help of cookies made to relieve stress, cake seizing problems. The worst thing is that children are also being held hostage to adults ' attitudes towards food, which is why there are more and more obese children and adolescents around the world.
Analyze your diet, replace fatty foods with less caloric analogues. For example, instead of pork buy chicken instead of cake eat fruit jelly, sugar replace honey, and after a while you will notice a positive result.

Increase the amount of exercise.

You will be surprised, but going just one stop earlier and walking it, you will significantly increase your calorie consumption and improve your own health. The same effect will give the failure of the Elevator.

Metabolic Disorders

If the body's metabolism is impaired, the nutrients are processed too slowly. This leads to the accumulation of excess, raw calories on the waist. To solve the problem, you should consult with your doctor about the reasons that provoked this feature of the body. In parallel, it is necessary to reduce the amount of portions eaten to consume as much as necessary for normal life, and no more.

Genetic causes

Overweight people tend to explain their problems with overweight by genetic reasons. In fact, only 4 cases of obesity out of 100 have a cause of heredity. It's more about the culture of nutrition, which is transmitted from parents to children. In other words, the child simply learns to overeat.

Hormonal reasons

Hormones traditionally accused that they pack weights. Hormonal causes of excess weight are really possible, so it is necessary to control their production with the help of examinations.
Causes of excess weight


During pregnancy a woman gains extra weight. Some can not part with it after childbirth. However, a rational diet and exercise allow you to get back in shape in a short time.

Psychological reasons

In addition to "jamming" problems, which is fraught with the greatest danger to the figure and human health, there is another extremely common psychological reason – marriage.
Psychologists explain this by the fact that, when married, a woman believes that she has achieved her goal, and can afford to relax.
There are many more reasons that provoke weight gain both men and women, but they all boil down to a mismatch of calories eaten and spent energies.

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