Ex-husband of Evelina Bledans lost weight: photo before and after

Seeing how thin the ex-husband of Evelina Bledans, fans bombarded him with compliments. Moderately well-fed producer Alexander Semin became a role model, because he managed to get rid of almost 50 extra pounds in a year, which is difficult not to notice in the photo before and after weight loss. How did he manage that? It is worth noting that he has long hidden the secret of his weight loss. At this point there is a lot of myths. However, not so long ago, Alexander Semin, ex-husband of Evelina Bledans, who in the photo now looks completely different, finally discovered the truth and he told me how he really lost weight.


In social network Evelyn Bledans published a photo, which holds a t-shirt of her husband, and stands proudly thinner Alexander Semin. The result is stunning. Under the photo Evelyn wrote that her husband "lost weight on the whole person".

In an interview, the actress mentioned that her husband with the help of perseverance and will power did it for myself virtually impossible. She's genuinely proud of him. Evelina herself in her 48 years looks amazing. She has a perfect figure, than not always can boast even young girls. According to the actress, in this case, her services there. To maintain the form it is almost not required, because nature has awarded her the ability not to limit themselves in food and not to get fat. As for her ex-husband, Alexander Semin was much less fortunate. To achieve significant results, he had to make enormous efforts.

Alexander Lost Weight Semin, who managed to lose 48 kg, claims that he is not going to stop there. He set himself a goal and not in his rules to deviate from the plans.

what is the reason for this decision? Why did the producer suddenly decide to lose weight?

Perhaps he became uncomfortable in front of the beautiful wife. Or maybe there were health problems associated with overweight. Anyway, the result is obvious. Photos of emaciated husband Bledans dazzle on the Internet.

Despite the large difference in age (Bledans older than 13 years), Alexander Semin looked older than his years, you can not say about his ex-wife. Looking at the photo of the producer who lost weight, fans came to the conclusion that their age is visually equal.

Fans make assumptions about the causes of weight loss Aleksandar Semina. One of them is stress. After all, everyone knows that the couple had to raise a son who was born with syndrome.

Nutrition Alexander Semin

To lose weight, Alexander Semin had to completely reconsider his taste preferences and change his own diet. No secret diet is out of the question. Producer only followed the General rules of healthy eating:

  • exclusion from the diet of fried, sweet, salty, flour, fat, spicy;
  • fractional power;
  • dinner before 18.00;
  • maintaining water balance in the body.

Alexander does not give oneself a break even on holidays. Even when the table is bursting with chic dishes, he adheres to his diet, not allowing to eat a small piece of cake or herring under a fur coat.

According to Alexander himself, the maintenance of water balance plays an important role in the observance of proper nutrition for the purpose of weight loss. Organism the person needs daily from 2 liters of pure water without gas, not counting juice, tea and other beverages. Due to the sufficient amount of liquid toxins and slags are removed, metabolism is normalized, which is very important for weight loss.

Physical activity

Proper nutrition is only part of Alexander Semin's weight loss process. The man radically changed his way of life, became more active than before. For example, he began to use the car less often, preferring him to walk. When he saw the first results of weight loss, he added even more exercise.

In Addition to long walks in the fresh air, Alexander began to visit the gym, took up swimming in the pool. He was on the move most of the day. At the weekend went to the bath. In other words, he led an active lifestyle, which in combination with proper nutrition helped to lose weight.

Thus, Alexander Semin, former husband of Evelina Bledans, lost 48 kg in almost a year. Now the man looks slim, fit, young and more solid.

Photo before and after

When Alexander Semin, ex-husband of Evelina Bledans, first appeared in the photo, his fan did not immediately recognize him. They even started rumors that the actress has found herself another man. The producer was bombarded with a large number of comments, marveling at such stunning results.

And this is not surprising. How my husband lost weight Bledans, perfectly visible in the photo before and after weight loss.

Despite the fact that the spouses do not live together, Evelyn proudly talks about how her ex-husband managed to lose weight. They actively communicate and raise together a son who needs special attention and care.

Life after weight loss

After weight loss Alexander Semin's life has changed. Today he is a role model and gives faith to people who want to get rid of excess weight. After all, if a well-known producer was able to, why do others fail?

With departure excess weight came confidence in itself. At the same time, there are noticeable improvements in career, and, accordingly, financial condition. Alexander finally allowed himself to buy a house in an elite area. In addition, the man became more popular with women. After divorce with Evelina Bledans all became known, that he met a new love.

However, the details of his weight loss Alexander Semin didn't sound. Perhaps the reason is the excessive modesty of a man who is unusual to share his own successes with the whole world. But the ex-wife proudly talks about it as a feat of her ex-husband.

Myths about weight loss Semin

Due to weight loss Alexander Semin appeared in the press a lot of rumors. Some argue that the reason for getting rid of excess weight is not in proper nutrition and sports. In their opinion, Evelina Bledans husband hired a personal nutritionist who developed a special diet for him, due to which he lost weight. It was she who made it possible to achieve such stunning results.

Another myth about the causes of weight loss Semin is a terrible disease which has led to a dramatic loss of weight. Taking this rumor at face value, fans even began to notice the unhealthy thinness of Alexander in the photo.

Sam Semin doesn't pay attention to rumors and gives his fans plenty to dream up. Not so long ago, the man mentioned that now that 48 extra pounds behind, it's time to start building muscle. Because the tenacity and strength of will Alexander is already not questioned, everyone is convinced that soon the appearance of the man will change again, and he will appear in the photo with inflated muscles.

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