Every fourth Russian is overweight

According to who, overweight may soon become the norm in Europe, as more than 30 percent of adolescents are overweight. Russia, unfortunately, is not lagging behind its Western neighbors in this regard. To date, the Russian Federation is among the twenty countries in which the population is dominated by many obese people. It is necessary to sound the alarm, because every fourth citizen of Russia has problems with obesity. And after all excess weight, as it is known that it is often the beginning of the development of more severe diseases.

Some Russian physicians consider that it is possible to fight against obesity as it is now done by Finns: in the country of Suomi the program on cultivation of huge the amount of vegetables, fruits and herbs to ensure that every Finnish family can afford a healthy and nutritious diet. Another method of combating overweight is the promotion of sports, the construction of sports grounds, Bicycle roads and winter ski complexes.

It is Known that a large number of fat people are also recorded in Greece, Spain and Portugal. Holland and Switzerland, on the contrary, are considered one of the most "slender" States.

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