Essential vitamins in pregnancy planning

Vitamins during pregnancy planning

When a couple in love decides to give life to a little man, a lot of questions arise, because carrying a child is a complex but pleasant process. In addition to all other issues, the couple is concerned: what vitamins you need to drink when planning a pregnancy to prepare your body for an important event.

First of all, it is important to know what to start preparing the body to the process of bearing and giving birth to a child should be at least 6 months before conception. Even if You think that you are completely healthy, with the appearance of the baby inside You, the need for valuable macro -, microelements and vitamins will double. If You do not have enough of this food in your body for two, the baby will take Your norm, leaving You with nothing, and this will cause health problems.

Vitamins to be taken before conception can prepare the body for possible difficulties and keep Your health and beauty.

You May be surprised, but vitamins are also important for a man when planning a pregnancy, as he takes part in the process of conception. If he is physically healthy, the man will thereby ensure the health of the baby. In addition to the fact that a man has six months before conception to give up Smoking, bad habits, for 2 months – to exclude alcohol (including beer), pregnancy planning for men includes taking vitamins. The main criterion is the content of folic acid in the vitamin complex.

Preparation is important to start with a doctor's examination – after the tests, according to their results, he will answer all questions about the planning of pregnancy: what to drink vitamins, talk about the dosage of vitamins in planning pregnancy and illuminate many other aspects of this difficult process.

Usually when there are any violations in the female body after the examination, a special complex of vitamins is prescribed for those who plan pregnancy. This complex is shown at:

  • avitaminose;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • mental and physical overloads;
  • hot summer or winter.

The Most suitable are any prenatal vitamins. Their reception can be continued during pregnancy and lactation.

What vitamins for conception need to accept

The Main criteria for a healthy pregnancy are frequent walks in the fresh air and a balanced diet without smoked, fried, flour and sweet foods in large quantities. Such a diet will accompany You to the end of lactation. In addition, it is important to know that the essential vitamins to get pregnant are vitamin E and folic acid.

  • Folic acid

Your Intake of folic acid doctors prescribe from the first days of planning conception. The necessary level of folic acid reduces the risk of birth of a child with neurological problems: a hernia of the brain, underdevelopment of the brain, incomplete closure of the spinal cord brain's.

Folic acid is essential for the growth, development of cells and formation of tissues of the planned baby. This substance is prescribed additionally, in addition to receiving the prenatal complex.

Natural sources of folic acid: parsley, spinach, orange juice, kefir, rice, buckwheat, millet, nuts. Many substances in carrots, beets, tomatoes, green onions, cabbage. The most nutritious sources of folic acid are beef liver, liver and cod caviar, cheese, cottage cheese.

  • Vitamin E

Lack of vitamin E in the body leads to conception problems and can lead to fetal abnormalities at any time of pregnancy. This natural antioxidant is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, prevents the development of cancer pathologies, takes part in the renewal and maturation of cells.

The Right balance of progesterone and estrogen (female hormones that play an important role in all stages of pregnancy) for fertilization of the egg and attachment to the uterine wall of the egg. Vitamin e Deficiency in a pregnant woman can cause a miscarriage.

Natural sources of vitamin E: crude vegetable oils, spinach, lettuce, parsley, eggs, milk, liver, meat.

  • Vitamins B6, B2, B1, D, A, C, as well as magnesium, zinc, iron are also of great importance in pregnancy planning.

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