Essential vitamins for the heart and blood vessels

Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels

Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a dominant role among other human diseases for disability, mortality and disability. What leads to this? First of all, the wrong way of life – frequent stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition. We often agree to overtime work than expose your body to severe stress. Do not take into account that lack of sleep and heavy loads can harm the invaluable "motor" of our body – the heart. After all, it can simply not wait for the situation to improve at Your work, and in an instant to refuse, if it is not properly supported.

Causes that provoke the development of diseases of the heart:

  • hereditary factor;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption;
  • overweight;
  • propensity to increase blood pressure;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins for blood vessels

A list of harmful products for the cardiovascular system. In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, it is important to abandon the use of sausages, ready-made sauces, semi-finished products, hamburgers, smoked products, spicy dishes, salty dishes. Do not load the digestive organs with warm fresh pastries. Also harmful meat, characterized by high animal fat content. Strong tea and coffee are contraindicated.

Heart Disease in the body is accompanied by increased excretion and accelerated decomposition of vitamins and minerals. In view of this, the treatment of such a pathology is complex (with drugs containing cardiac vitamins and vascular vitamins). It is important to remember that in addition to vitamins, minerals are very important for strengthening the heart muscle – they take part in protein metabolism.

Vitamins for heart and strengthening vessels

  • Vitamin A

Retinol protects vessel walls from atherosclerosis and improves metabolic processes in organs and tissues.

This fat-soluble vitamin is obtained from pumpkin, carrot, pepper, fish oil, dairy products. A large amount of retinol is found in orange, red and yellow vegetables and fruits (berries, peaches, plums, peppers).

  • Vitamin R

Water-Soluble vitamin that strengthens blood vessel walls.

The Substance is found in large quantities in raspberries, apples and citrus.

  • Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid it is a water-soluble vitamin that strengthens the heart. The substance prevents the increased formation of cholesterol and enhances metabolic processes in the body. On sale occurs in the form of pills, tablets, ampoules.

Main sources: wild rose, apples, black currant, raspberry, citrus fruit.

  • Vitamin E

Tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin that supports heart health. This heart vitamin suppresses oxidation of fats, as a result of which there are active substances that are harmful to all organs – free radicals.

High tocopherol content is observed in nuts, egg yolks, vegetable oil and liver. Vitamin E in the form of an oil solution should be taken orally.

  • Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine regulates fat metabolism, participates in the process of decomposition and excretion of excess cholesterol.

Main sources: milk, meat, fish.

Vitamin complex B12, B6, B1 is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the brain and cardiovascular system.

  • Vitamin B1

This water-soluble vitamin synthesizes healthy human intestinal microflora. Under the influence of enzymes, thiamine is converted in the body into cocarboxylase, which intensively stimulates the contraction of the heart muscle. In sale meets in ampoules.

  • Coenzyme Q10

This substance is considered to be vitamin-like and is characterized by being involved in the antioxidant protection of the human body and stimulates the heart's nutrition. Coenzyme Q10 deficiency leads to premature aging of the myocardium, cardiac arrhythmias and arterial sclerosis. The body is formed in the liver of vegetable fat, which comes with the products. In sale meets in the form of tablets.

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