Essential amino acids for humans: list

It is Known that the essential acid for the human is very important. They help all organs and systems to work properly and smoothly. The main function of amino acids is to restore nitrogen balance. They are a component of proteins, without which human existence is impossible. Interchangeable amino acids are produced by the body, and essential or, as they are called, essential, it receives only from the outside. More precisely, from food. Each a person needs to know the list of products with essential amino acids to include them in the daily menu.

Varieties of essential amino acids

As mentioned above, those amino acids that are not produced by the body are called essential (amino acids). Since they act as a building material for protein, they are present in protein foods. Upon amino acids proteins break down when broken down in the human body.

There are eight essential amino acids in the body of an adult. They have the following names:

  • leucine – reduces sugar levels, prevents the destruction of muscle tissue that occurs during exercise, helps the body in the breakdown of body fat, enhances the formation of growth hormone, reduces the number of white blood cells;
  • lysine – reduces the body's susceptibility to viruses, involved in the production of antibodies, collagen, muscle protein, growth hormone, improves hair condition, stops the development of heart disease, increases sexual desire;
  • phenylalanine – helps in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, liver, helps to get rid of stress, depression, relieves pain, restores emotional background, mental activity;
  • Valin – the amino acid is named after Valerian, replenishes energy reserves in the human body, participates in the processes of tissue repair and growth, improves brain activity, normalizes nitrogen balance, restores serotonin levels;
  • tryptophan – improves sleep quality, improves mood, dilates blood vessels, eliminates signs of depression, improves appetite, promotes the synthesis of serotonin, growth hormone, vitamin B3;
  • methionine – normalizes digestion, removes harmful substances from the body, participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, increases endurance, reduces the amount of histamine;
  • isoleucine - restores the concentration of glucose in the blood, enriches energy, increases endurance, accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue;
  • threonine – strengthens the skeleton, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, reduces the concentration of fat in the liver, strengthens the immune system, Central nervous system, prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Note! To date, scientists have not made a final list of essential amino acids. Disputes about it are conducted for a long time.

Two more essential amino acids are present In the child's body. They called:

  • histidine – participates in hematopoiesis, hemoglobin production, reduces the body's susceptibility to allergens, prevents the emergence of autoimmune reactions, promotes the formation of gastric juice;
  • arginine – promotes growth, breaks down fat deposits, promotes rejuvenation of the body, strengthens the immune system.

Note! When histidine deficiency in the body the child may have hearing impairment, the formation of rheumatoid arthritis.

The balance of amino acids is especially important For a growing body, so the nutrition of children should be followed with great care. For adults, arginine and histidine are partially interchangeable, because their bodies are already able to produce these amino acids on their own, and not just from food.

In addition, there are 10 non-essential amino acids. They called:

  • Serin;
  • glycine;
  • asparagine;
  • glutamine;
  • aspartic acid;
  • alanine;
  • glutamic acid;
  • Proline;
  • hydroxyproline;
  • hydroxylysine.

List of products with essential amino acids

To compensate for the lack of valuable components in the body, you need enter into the diet products with their content. In this case, it is necessary to study the full list of ingredients that consist of a large number of essential amino acids.

List of animal products:

  • eggs – the eggs contain essential amino acids, as well as a large number of other useful components, they are perfectly absorbed by the body, provide full nutrition to muscle tissues, help in weight loss;
  • dairy – a valuable source of essential amino acids, where there is also a lot of calcium necessary for the formation of the skeleton and strengthen the teeth;
  • meat – the maximum level of essential amino acids in white meat is a valuable source of animal protein required for the full operation of the human body;
  • fish – another protein source, well digested in the human body, it includes many useful components, including essential amino acids.

Previously, it was believed that the body can be enriched with essential amino acids only when eating animal food. However, later it was proved that they are enough in plant ingredients. After all, some products of plant origin also contain protein.

To the list products of plant origin with a high content of essential amino acids include the following:

  • cereals – useful products containing essential amino acids, slow carbohydrates and other valuable components, after cooking, a low-calorie dish is obtained, which can be used for weight loss;
  • legumes – these plant cultures also contain large amounts of plant protein and, accordingly, essential amino acids;
  • seeds and nuts – are rich in composition, which includes essential amino acids.

Note! Rich in essential amino acids quinoa. This cereal crop is not as well known as millet or buckwheat. However, it is rich in plant protein, so it is valuable for the body. In 100 g quinoa contains about 14 g of protein. It is especially suitable for vegetarians, because the nutritional value is comparable to meat.

Table of products containing essential amino acids

The List of frequently consumed foods and the amount of essential amino acids they contain are listed in the table.

Products, 100 g

Proteins, g

amino Acids, mg












Fish and products



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Bread wheat











Bread Norma

To ensure That the human body does not experience a deficiency of essential amino acids, it is necessary to regularly replenish its reserves. To do this, you need to enter into the daily diet of foods with protein content. The daily rate of essential amino acids required by a person depends on his weight.

With an average adult weight of 60 kg, the daily norms of amino acids are as follows:

  • Valin – 3,5 g;
  • leucine – 5 g;
  • lysine – 4 g;
  • isoleucine – 3.5 g;
  • metion – 3 g;
  • phenylalanine – 3 g;
  • threonine – 2,5 g;
  • tryptophan – 2,5 g.

During certain periods of life, the body needs more essential amino acids than usual. It increases the need for them with increased physical and mental stress, disease.

However, there are also reverse situations, when amino acids to the human body less is needed. We are talking about violations at the genetic level, which are associated with the digestibility of organic compounds.

The digestibility Of essential amino acids depends on the type of product from which they are obtained. For example, organic compounds from egg white, cottage cheese, fish and meat are well perceived by the human body. In addition, it is important to take into account the right combination of products. Let's say excellent compatibility buckwheat porridge and milk.

Lack and excess of essential amino acids

Deficiency of essential amino acids can be determined by the following signs:

  • poor body resistance to viruses and bacteria;
  • delay in development and growth;
  • drowsiness;
  • anemia;
  • deterioration of the structure of the skin, nail plate and hair;
  • bad state of health.

However, not only the lack of organic compounds can cause poor health. At their excess also there are pronounced signs:

  • joint diseases;
  • malfunctions of the thyroid gland;
  • high blood pressure.

Excess of essential amino acids occurs when there is a lack of vitamins in the human body. If there are enough of them, they neutralize the excess amino acids and their level will be normal. Thus, if you need to reduce the amount of essential amino acids, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes in order to eliminate the lack of vitamins, as well as to include products with a high content in the menu.

Preparations based on essential amino acids

If you cannot increase the level of essential amino acids with the help of food, you will have to use medication. Moreover, their main the action could be directed not at the elimination of the deficit of organic compounds, and treatment of specific diseases.

For Example, leucine is found in medicines used for the treatment of anemia and liver disease. Phenylalanine is present in preparations for schizophrenia, and valine is part of the tablets against insomnia and depression. And isoleucine is present in antibiotics, as well as drugs for muscle recovery forces'.

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