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The Main mistake – the wrong motivation, often want to lose weight to meet certain standards, the real success in losing weight is usually achieved by those who clearly know why he needs to lose weight, the most effective motivation, of course, health.

Roughly speaking, the body must give its consent to weight loss, and the fact that you want to meet some standards of beauty – for it is not an argument.

If you have long limit caloric intake, and the weight is – most likely to blame for low metabolism. How to restore metabolism.
One of the causes of low metabolism and increased appetite may be lack of sleep.

It is Wrong to control only the weight, especially if you have added physical activity, the figure may change for the better, and the weight remain almost the same, as the muscles weigh more than fat.

To lose weight for a long time, you need to learn to distinguish the signals of hunger sent by the body from wanting something to chew on.
And since the signal of saturation does not come immediately, be sure to chew the food well to the liquid conditions.

An Interesting alternative or Supplement to food diary: before you eat something, try to write down why you want to eat it, it will give the opportunity to see the real picture when we eat because hungry, and when, because excited, tired, just want to chew...

The First rule for those who want to lose weight: replace all refined products useful, or weight loss if it is achieved, then by healths.
If you have not been fond of low-calorie diets before, perhaps a good effect will be from a simple replacement of the 3-4 most caloric and fatty foods in the diet with low-calorie and healthy ones.

Before you start to lose weight, evaluate your Constitution, perhaps you do not need to lose weight, especially often this mistake is made by girls who strive to achieve a certain ideal and lose health at the same time.

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