English diet for 21 days, reviews, weight loss menu

English diet is designed for 21 days (or 20 days). During this period you can lose about 10-15 extra pounds.

The benefits of long-term diets include the fact that the body during this time gets used to the new diet, restructures, and thus keep the new weight after the English diet will be easier.

So, the English diet begins with 2 "hungry" days. Diet for these days:

Breakfast – a glass of milk and a piece of rye bread,
12 hours – a glass of milk,
15 hours – a glass of milk and a piece of rye bread,
18 hours – a glass of milk,
Shortly before sleep – a glass of tomato juice.

English diet for 21 daysEnglish diet 21 days: menu for every day

Milk can be replaced kefir.

The Next two days are protein days. Menu protein days English diet:

Breakfast – coffee with milk without sugar; a piece of grain or rye bread, a teaspoon of butter, a teaspoon of honey,
12 hours – a Cup of meat or fish broth, 150-200 grams of boiled lean meat or fish, 2 tablespoons of green peas, a piece of rye bread,
15 hours – a glass of milk or tea, a teaspoon of honey,
19 hours – 2 eggs (or fish or meat or lean ham), 50 grams of cheese, a glass of kefir, a piece of rye breads.

Then the two fruit and vegetable of the day, their diet:

Breakfast – 2 oranges or 2 apples, a piece of grain or rye bread,
12 hours – a plate of vegetable soup without potatoes, salad or vegetable stew with vegetable oil, a piece of rye bread,
15 hours – a glass of kefir or milk,
19 hours – green salad, a piece of rye bread, tea spoon of honey the glass is tea's.

If you really really want to eat something else during the vegetable of the day, you can afford a little of the pasta without butter and meat or potatoes "in uniform".

Next protein and vegetable days alternate (1 protein – 1 vegetable, or 2 protein – 2 vegetable).

Meal Times are approximate. But eating after 19:00 is not recommended.

The Last 21 day English diet – "hungry" (milk).

To keep weight after diet a smooth transition to a normal diet with a gradual increase in the caloric content of the daily diet is recommended. Additionally, within 10 days poslevoennyh daily recommended eat 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese.

During diets cannot be:

To Drink alcoholic beverages (it is allowed a little bit of dry wine), lemonade,
eat sugar, any products containing it, white bread,
it is not recommended to salt the food.

English diet for 21 days

Always have to diet to take a multivitamin.

English diet is considered to be quite tough, it can be repeated no more than once a year.

Consult your doctor Before starting an English diet.

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