Emotions and healthy food | For weight loss and health

Is it Possible to sit down at the table in a bad, excited mood? The answer of nutritionists is clear – no, such food will only harm.

The First reason for this is that in this state you will not notice how you swallow all the food and will not feel satiety.

Second – the human nervous system is closely linked with digestive. When we are excited, the blood increases the amount of adrenaline (anxiety hormone). Elevated levels of adrenaline leads to increase blood clotting and constriction of blood vessels.

About the dangers of a heavy meal in the condition of negative emotional state was known by the ancient philosophers and doctors.
Thus, Hippocrates recommended athletes, being in an excited state after a long workout, take food after two to three hours.

About the benefits of eating only in a calm state also spoke of Avicenna. In his opinion, it is better to skip a meal if you are very excited or excited about something.
Food taken in a state of excitement, almost not absorbed in the body formed by-products. The body is clogged with toxins.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, as in all traditional cultures, there was a ritual before eating, the meal was preceded by prayer. Then the meal, and always ate silently and intently.

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