Elliptical trainer for home, comparison of ellipsoid with treadmill

Elliptical trainer is designed to simulate the movements of a skier. Its name he received, so as its feet and hands during movement work on ellipsoidal trajectory. This machine is loved by coaches and professional athletes, because it is designed to protect the knees and hip joints from overload. is on the "ellipse" finish extra cardio most professional gymnasts and fitnessista, and for Amateurs physical education trainer ellipsoid can be a perfect helper in the building of a beautiful figure.

What to expect from home exercises on the elliptical trainer

Home cardio sessions on the elliptical trainer will help to lose weight, tighten the muscles of legs, buttocks, body and statically work the press.

    In General, good elliptical trainer for home (ellipsoid) is different from the professional models with resource – duration of operation without additional maintenance.

Your results, as in most fitness classes, depend only on you.

Buy elliptical trainer home is if:

  • You want to perform cardio, but can't run, jump rope, or get tired of working without equipment and want variety;
  • There is big excess weight, which prevents to run, walk, and simply overloads the body;
  • You realize that "ellipse single" figure will not build and is willing to do additional strength exercises on legs, buttocks, abs, back, arms and chest;
  • You are ready to allocate a place for classes, where it would be possible to breathe clean air and not to run into furniture;
  • You have the opportunity to train for 30 minutes a day every day.

To Unsubscribe from the purchase worth the, who can't do at home. Let's say you miss reeling in the loneliness of the miles on the trainer, or can't be distracted from the phone, Internet, and home Affairs. If this is your option – go to the fitness club, the purchase of a subscription will be for you a more efficient waste of money.

Elliptical trainer or treadmill: what to choose

Elliptical trainer and treadmill often compete as cardio equipment for home practical on equal. If you can buy only one simulator, it is necessary to prioritize correctly.

You Should prefer a treadmill to an elliptical trainer if:

  • You love run, and you can do this at least 3 times a week;
  • You have no problems with knees, ankles and hip joints;
  • BMI each family member who will be engaged on the simulator, less than 30-33;
  • You are planning to buy "free weights", fitball, body bars to organize a full home gym.

Home elliptical trainer will be useful if:

  • You pregnant, or planning a pregnancy. "Ellipse" completely eliminates the shock load and harmful vibrations, classes on it are considered absolutely safe for expectant mothers. Choose a model with sufficient pedal stroke, and adjustable display angle;
  • You restore figure after childbirth. Again, a machine that creates a minimum impact load will be better for health;
  • You have "old" knee, ankle, hip injuries, of the spine, or scoliosis. The latter, by the way, is an obstacle to intensive Jogging, but working in an elliptical simulator will be useful, as it improves blood circulation and relieves back pain;
  • You want to strengthen your arms and body, and additionally load the press during cardio. The track allows you to do this only by mastering a specific technique of running, and on an ellipsoid simulator you will achieve this without "additional training";
  • are You ready do work with light dumbbells, and the weight of your own body as a power, and do not want to "earn" a sports figure, just strive to be more slender and fit.

With Respect to the area, these two devices are equally demanding. Remember that installing a home trainer ellipsoid, we need to get adequate space to move the pedals to trite not to fight during training on the wall.

So, elliptical trainer is a good choice for home gym, give preference to quality models, and train with pleasure.

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