Elena Malysheva's diet: approximate menu for the week

Today it has become fashionable to lose weight by the method by which effectively dropped the extra pounds this or that popular person. One of those techniques of weight loss is a diet Elena Malysheva, which by example demonstrated that attractive and slim can be at any age, and reviews about this diet talk about its effectiveness. With this food you can lose a couple of pounds for week.


Features menu proposed by Helen malyshevoy
the Nuances of diet Malyshevoy
examples menu diet Malysheva

Features menu proposed by Helen malyshevoy

This approach to transform their appearance allows you to save the result as long as possible. What is remarkable, this type of diet is suitable for the category of ordinary people who want to be slim, but can not or can not live with a constant feeling of hunger. It is necessary to make a reservation immediately, what to expect mind-blowing results after a couple weeks is not worth it. The diet is aimed at achieving a gradual and smooth result, which will not allow you to break in the middle of a difficult path and deprive yourself of the joy of feeling light, wearing beautiful clothes and feeling your own attractiveness. Effective and "smart" diet Elena Malysheva will force not just to adjust your diet, but also to completely reconsider your own lifestyle.

Cannot Be keep silent about the fact that this type of food is based on a strict calculation of calories that a person received per day. To make it convenient and easy to lose weight, even ready-made menu options are offered, which can be ordered by contacting professional representatives of the media personality. However, it is often much easier to make a diet on their own, given some of the features of this technique. Effective diet Elena Malysheva at home implies a variable menu. So, of the products allowed to use:

  • fruit platters and vegetable mixes;
  • eggs;
  • seafood, including fish;
  • cereals and products based on whole grains;
  • dietary meat and poultry;
  • low-fat dairy products.

As for the food that the diet will require to be totally excluded from the diet, it is sweet, fatty, salt. We will have to limit ourselves to the use of flour and starchy foods, including potatoes. Do not abuse carrots, rice, beets and alcoholic beverages.

Diet from Elena Malysheva in household conditions

The nuances of the diet malyshevoy

Dieta malyshevoy insists on eating foods in small portions and with a positive attitude. It is believed that it is the right psychological attitude largely programs positive result. Still it is worth considering that you should not starve. Otherwise, all the extra pounds will return and bring a couple of "friends". It is important to always sit at the same time at the table. The optimal time for Breakfast is 8:00. A second Breakfast should be served no later than 10:00. Lunch is best spent in 12-13 hours. The second snack should be held at 16:00. Dinner should be no later than the mark on the clock at 19:00. Reviews those ladies who have already experimented on himself such a diet nutrition, eloquently say that in just a couple of months you can lose up to 10 hated kilograms.

Diet for weight loss at home at 10 kg from Elena Malysheva

Sample menu options diet baby

If the diet Malysheva with his own hands prepared each day, you should pay attention to the examples menu. For example, you can spend one of the days taking into account simple, but nutritious and healthy dishes. Breakfast includes a hard-boiled egg, 200 grams of buckwheat porridge, a small portion of carrot salad with a teaspoon of unrefined vegetable oil, and an Apple.

Second Breakfast is offered with using cheesecake, free from sugar and using low-fat cottage cheese. You can eat a couple of prunes and dried apricots. From drinks should give preference to herbal tea.

Lunch Option might be: 200 grams color of boiled cabbage and soufflé on the basis of the steamed beef of no more than 120 grams. The drink can serve as a decoction of rose hips, which has a cleansing effect.

One is offered For afternoon tea grapefruit.

Excellent dinner in the context of Elena Malysheva's diet is a set of baked Apple with cinnamon and stewed zucchini and cabbage in the amount of about 200 grams. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir.

Another variant of the daily menu involves Breakfast with 200 grams of oatmeal on the water with a spoon of fresh berries, as well as a glass of low-fat milk. At the second Breakfast is to eat a salad of prunes and beets. It is allowed to eat a couple of rye bread with the addition of bran.

For lunch we offer pilaf with vegetables and 70 grams of chicken breast, salad of greens and tomatoes in the amount of 100 grams. Vegetables can be sprinkled with a few drops of vegetable oil. Half an hour after this meal, you should drink a decoction, infused with rosehip fruits. For afternoon tea you can use 125 grams of bio yogurt and 100 grams of low-fat curd.
Supper it can be a combination of green boiled beans with a volume of 200 grams and a souffle of cod that is steamed. Again, at night you need to drink a glass of kefir, the fat content of which does not exceed 1%.

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