Egg-orange diet for 4 weeks: menu

For those who want to lose weight, recommended egg-orange diet, which helps to part with the extra pounds in just 4 weeks. The secret of the effectiveness of such a diet is that the human body receives enough nutrients and does not lack vitamins, but fats and oils are completely excluded from the diet. Thanks to the menu of the egg-orange diet, you can not only lose weight, but also improve the condition of the skin, normalize metabolism, restore the digestive system.

Features of the egg-orange diet

The basis of the egg-orange diet menu for 4 weeks is not only a reduction in the number of daily consumed calories, as well as chemical transformations occurring in the human body. If you exclude a certain product from the diet, it can not be replaced by another.

Features of the egg-orange diet are as follows:

  • it is important to drink a lot of water during the day (up to 2 liters);
  • cook vegetables and meat on water, without additional use of broth;
  • salt and pepper may be used, garlic and onions;
  • completely eliminate oils and other fats;
  • you can drink a glass of soda (not more than 200 ml);
  • you can drink green tea or coffee, but without sugar;
  • if you feel hungry, you can eat cucumbers, lettuce or carrots, but not earlier than 2 hours after the main meal;
  • when dieting, it is important to adhere to the established proportions;
  • cannot be swapped dinner and lunch;
  • if the diet is interrupted, it will have to start over, not continue from where you stopped;
  • in order to increase efficiency, it is necessary to engage in sports at the same time;
  • foods high in calories and simple carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet;
  • if there is a need to repeat the diet, it is enough to repeat the first and last week;
  • if in menu do not specify the number of products, it can be consumed to saturation;
  • during the egg-orange diet do not need to drink vitamins.

To track the effectiveness of the egg-orange diet, you need to weigh yourself daily in the morning after visiting the toilet. To adhere to this diet can be people of all ages.

Reasons for the effectiveness of the egg-orange diet

Due to the correct combination of two useful products – eggs and oranges – diet is quite effective and helps to quickly lose weight without harm to the body.

Egg is a natural product that contains a large amount of nutrients. It includes easily digestible protein, as well as amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and other valuable components. The obvious advantage of an egg is its low caloric content. This means that it can be consumed during diets for weight loss. Despite the low calorie, it is quite a satisfying product that is almost completely absorbed by the body and permanently eliminates hunger.

Orange – healthy citrus fruit. It also consists of many useful components, including vitamins, fiber, trace elements and others. The effect of orange on the human body is similar to that provided by the egg. Due to the small amount of calories the digestive system does not overload and works easily. Due to the fibers that swell in the intestine, after eating an orange, a person feels saturation for a long time.

Note! As the results of scientific research show, with prolonged use of oranges, you can lose weight and maintain it at an optimal level.

How much can you lose on the egg-orange diet?

If accurate adhere to all recommendations and menus, egg-citrus diet helps for 4 weeks get rid of tens of kilograms. In General, the final result depends on the initial body weight and individual characteristics of the body.

Interestingly, after such an effective diet weight is not returned again, but provided that the person does not start to eat exclusively high-calorie foods. To maintain the result, it is desirable to adhere to the principles proper nutrition that will help to maintain harmony and health.

Photos before and after the egg-orange diet

Most reviews indicate the effectiveness of the egg-orange diet. According to losing weight, they managed to reset excess weight, without experiencing a strong sense of hunger and without worsening their health. As proof of the effectiveness of the egg-orange diet for 4 weeks, they apply a photo before and after weight loss.

4 weeks Egg-orange diet: detailed menu

If you follow the egg-orange diet for 4 weeks daily we'll have to stick to three meals a day. Morning meal is always the same. Breakfast consists of two boiled eggs and 1 orange. Only lunch and dinner are different. It is important to note that the menu does not specify the exact amount of food consumed. But the menu of the egg-orange diet for 4 weeks does not allow overeating. It is not necessary to eat in large quantities, it is enough to eat exactly as much as you need to get rid of the feeling hunger's.

First week

The Menu of the egg-orange diet for the first 7 days is presented below.

Days of the week Lunch Dinner
Monday Any fruit Vegetable salad, a piece of boiled lean meat varieties
Tuesday skim Cheese, toast with fresh tomato boiled fish fillet, vegetable salad, orange
Environment boiled Chicken fillet, boiled or steamed vegetables, orange Vegetable salad, toast, 2 eggs
Thursday Any fruit Boiled beef, lettuce
Friday Boiled vegetables, 2 eggs Boiled fish, lettuce, orange
Saturday Any fruit to choose from Boiled or stewed meat, lettuce, boiled vegetables
Sunday Boiled meat, tomatoes, orange boiled Vegetables

Second week

The Menu of the second week of the egg-orange diet is not much different from the first.

Days of the week Lunch Dinner
Monday Boiled lean meat, leaves salad Vegetable salad, orange, 2 eggs
Tuesday Stew, cucumber Orange, 2 eggs
Environment boiled fish fillet, vegetable salad, orange Leaf salad, 2 eggs
Thursday low-Fat cottage cheese, 2 eggs, boiled vegetables 2 eggs
Friday Boiled fish of low-fat varieties 2 eggs
Saturday boiled Chicken without skin, orange, tomato fruit Salad (apples, melons, orange)
Sunday Lean meat, boiled or stewed, boiled or steamed vegetables, tomato, orange Products, as and on lunch

Third week

A Detailed menu for 7 days of the egg-orange diet is presented in the table.

Days of the week Lunch Dinner
Monday Any fruits except bananas, grapes, mango, figs and peaches
Tuesday Any vegetables in boiled the form of, except potatoes
Environment Fresh fruits or boiled vegetables Salad from vegetables
Thursday boiled fish fillet cabbage Salad, boiled vegetables the form of
Friday Chicken meat boiled or stewed Boiled chicken fillet, boiled vegetables
Saturday Any fruit to choose from
Sunday Any fruit to choose from

Fourth week

Unlike previous weeks menu the last 7 days of the egg-orange diet indicated the number of products consumed.

Days of the week Lunch Dinner
Monday Boiled chicken fillet (no more than 400 g), 3 tomatoes Boiled fish (no more than 400 g), toast, 4 cucumbers, 1 orange
Tuesday Cooked lean meat (200 g), 3 tomatoes 4 cucumbers, toast, 1 Apple, 1 orange
Environment 1 tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese (can be replaced with a piece of cheese), boiled vegetables (2000 g) 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, toast, 1 orange
Thursday low-Fat poultry meat boiled or stewed (up to 300 g) 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, 1 orange
Friday Lettuce, 2 eggs 3 tomatoes, 1 orange
Saturday 1 boiled chicken breast, curd (150 g) 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 1 orange
Sunday 1 a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese, 200 g of fish boiled Boiled vegetables (200 g), 2 tomatoes, 1 orange


According to nutritionists themselves, the egg-orange diet, designed for 4 weeks, is one of the safest. It helps to quickly lose weight without harming the human body. In addition, the lost weight is not returned, if the daily use is not more than 2 000 kcal and give preference to useful products.

Nevertheless, the egg-orange diet, despite its safety, has some contraindications. Doctors do not recommend to adhere to such a diet, if observed:

  • allergic to citrus, eggs or other foods that are included in the diet menu;
  • gastritis or other diseases of the digestive system that occur against the background of increased acidity;
  • heartburn;
  • liver disease (especially viral hepatitis);
  • kidney disease, regardless of origin;
  • cancer tumors (not only during the development of pathology, and even in the presence of a genetic predisposition to cancer) – this contraindication is due to the fact that products containing large amounts of vitamin C, can cause a relapse;
  • high levels of cholesterol in blood;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and brain.

In the presence of at least one contraindication from the above list of egg-orange diet for 4 weeks will have to give up. But even if such conditions are not observed, before you start eating on such a menu, it is recommended to visit a doctor and go through all the necessary examinations. Otherwise, instead of the expected benefits can harm your health.

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