Egg diet results for 4 weeks, menus and weight loss reports

Results of egg dietThis page presents the results of egg diets for four weeks, which were collected in a sign girls who follow a diet. Here you can leave your results.

The diet itself, its menu and some compliance tips can be found here: egg diet for 4 weeks.

Recall that diet, like all protein diet has contraindications are: Allergy to eggs, pregnancy, breast-feeding, those who have chronic kidney disease, heart and blood vessels must consult a doctor, in the presence of other diseases, it is also desirable to consult a doctor.

Another important reminder: some eggs can be consumed without yolk, or replaced with low-fat cottage cheese. Just reduce the number of meals or exclude any products is not necessary. If you put your body into "hunger mode", metabolism slows down and the results egg diet in the future will not be good.
Be sure to drink a lot water : the total volume of liquid consumed per day is not less than 1.5-2 liters.
And don't forgetvitamins. Even though the diet menu is varied and balanced, the body may lack vitamins and minerals when you reduce the portions to see the results of weight loss.
Both water and vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain normal metabolism, and thus for effective weight loss.
Another feature protein diets: they often cause constipation. Some methods of controlling constipation are described here.

And the results of losing weight on the egg diet:

1 week Reports:
JAMA(-2.9 kg) – height 170cm..weight was 82,4 became 79,5
Hope(-4,5 kg) – growth 173cm.. the weight was became 83,0 78,5
Tanya(-3,5) – growth 160cm..weight was 105 became 101.5

Reports for 2 weeks POISON:
Brunette(-4,8 kg) – height 171cm..weight was 84,4 became 79,6
Tasha 36(-4,3 kg) height 178cm.. weight was 94,2 – 89,9
Madinka(-4.2 kg) – height 163cm.. weight was 83 – 78,8
Helen(-2kg) – growth 158cm.. weight was 65 – 63

Results for 3 weeks of egg diet:
Vitlan(-6kg) – growth 162sm.. weight was 69 became 63
islenka(-7.9 kg) – height 165cm.. weight was 79,6 – 71,7
NORA(-5.1 kg) – height 165cm.. weight was 75,1 – 70
Julia(-8kg) – height 173cm.. weight was 88,0 – 80,0
Vika(-6.2 kg) – height 168cm.. a weight of 63.5 and 57.3
Lara(-5.6 kg) – growth 167sm.. weight was 85,0 – 79,4
Aliska(-4,5 kg) – weight was 71,5 – 67,0

Results for 4 weeks of egg diet:
Galinka(-5,3 kg) – height 165cm.. weight was 61.5 became 56.2
Lika(-4kg) – growth 170sm.. weight was 63 – 59
Dodo(-6,3 kg) growth 156см.. weight was 85,3 – 78,6
Irene(-4,8 kg) – growth 168cm.. the weight was 55.3 per – 50,5
Matilda(-5kg) – growth 165cm.. weight was 78.1 – 73.1
Alenka(-6,5 kg) – height 167cm.. weight was 78.5 – 72.0

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