Egg diet for 4 weeks: detailed menu, table

In the struggle for harmony all means are good. There is a large number of diets for weight loss, but not everyone is effective. American nutritionists have developed a special diet based on the use of eggs. Designed egg diet for 4 weeks, during this time, according to experts, it is possible to lose weight and gain harmony. Features, advantages and disadvantages of egg diet, as well as a detailed menu are presented in this article.

Egg diet features

During the diet, daily eat eggs, hence the characteristic name. The menu is quite monotonous, so not everyone can withstand such food. However, the egg diet is effective and allows you to lose a few tens of kilograms. If in addition to doing sports, the result will be achieved faster.

Note! Eggs are a low-calorie product, so they are often used in the development of the menu for weight loss. They are almost completely absorbed by the human body. One boiled egg contains up to 100 kcal.

Egg diet Features are as follows:

  • foods included in the diet can be consumed up to saturation without adhering to exact volumes;
  • in addition, do not take vitamin and mineral complexes, because the menu is quite complete and will contain products with all the necessary useful components;
  • do not have to constantly count calories;
  • at the end of the diet you need to properly get out of it, which is devoted to the last week;

This food does not have many contraindications, but it should be take into account, so as not to harm health. Judging by the reviews of losing weight, egg diet for 4 weeks with a properly designed menu helps to lose 10 or more pounds.

Permitted products

The list of permitted products for the egg diet includes:

  • quail or chicken eggs;
  • fruits – pineapples, citrus, apricots, apples, watermelon, kiwi, pear and others;
  • boiled or fresh vegetables – zucchini, carrots, beans, beets, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, greens;
  • skinless meat – chicken, rabbit, beef and others;
  • fish;
  • hard cheese;
  • low-fat cottage cheese.

From drinks can be use herbal infusions, green tea, clean water.

Note! It is recommended to choose homemade eggs, as the store product may contain harmful components.

Prohibited products

Most of the products included in the list of banned egg diet:

  • bread and other flour products;
  • lamb;
  • alcohol;
  • sour cream;
  • spices;
  • confectionery;
  • mayonnaise;
  • sausages;
  • potatoes;
  • figs, mangoes, dates, bananas, grapes and stuff.

In General, for good results from the egg diet is not recommended to use fatty and high-calorie foods.

Detailed egg diet menu for 4 weeks: table

According to the egg diet, during the first two weeks every day for Breakfast you need to eat 2 eggs boiled in water without salt, and 1 citrus. It is desirable to choose grapefruit, but if you want you can replace it with orange. Three meals a day, but this is not surprising given the nutritious foods. It is advisable to eat no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the digestive system will have to work hard to digest the food.

Note! If a person has a lot of excess weight, he should be ready for difficulties. The body responds to drastic dietary restrictions stress.

It is Worth noting that third week of egg diet – the result of consolidation. Its menu is similar to that which is provided at separate food. Its principle is the daily use of a certain product in unlimited quantities. Since the previous two weeks of limited nutrition should take most of the excess weight, at this stage it is necessary to consolidate the effect.

At last week a person should right out of the diet. This is very important, because compliance with the rules in this period allows you to keep weight and restore metabolism. In the fourth week of the egg diet is recommended to eat foods in a certain amount.

The table shows a detailed menu of egg diet for 4 weeks. Since Breakfast is the same every day, only Lunches and suppers.

Weeks Days Lunch Dinner
1 week Monday 2 or 3 fresh fruits, except bananas Boiled chicken or fish fillet
Tuesday Chicken fillet, steamed or baked in the oven, pre-it is necessary to remove the skin Vegetable salad of carrots, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, seasoned with low-fat sour cream
Wednesday Unsalted and low-fat hard cheese based Salad of fennel and cucumber with sour cream
Thursday 2 raw or baked apples Leaf salad, fish fillet boiled
Friday Any boiled vegetables, except potatoes Leaf salad, grapefruit
Saturday 2 green apples, natural coffee Lettuce, boiled chicken breast
Sunday steamed Fish, green canned peas low-Fat kefir, orange
2 week Monday Boiled chicken fillet, lettuce 2 boiled eggs, half grapefruit
Tuesday Boiled lean meat or fish 2отварных eggs, half grapefruit
Wednesday Salad from any vegetables, except potatoes, with vegetable oils 1 boiled chicken egg, half grapefruit or orange
Thursday 1 boiled egg, fat-free cottage cheese low-Fat kefir, 1 boiled egg
Friday fresh tomato and dill Salad with sour cream low-Fat kefir, 1 boiled egg
Saturday tomato Salad and dill, seasoned with low-fat sour cream, 1 orange Fruit salad (you can use pears, apples, etc., in addition to bananas) without refueling
Sunday fish fillet boiled, half orange steamed or boiled Vegetables (any but potatoes)
For each day in the table with the menu for the egg diet are presented products that must be consumed during the day. Between meals should be intervals of 2 hours before bedtime, which will allow the digestive system to work normally.
3 week Monday Oranges, apples, pears or other fruit that should be consumed whole day
Tuesday Any vegetable boiled or steamed, with the exception of potatoes
Wednesday Any vegetables and fruits, except bananas and potatoes
Thursday Boiled fish fillet
Friday Boiled chicken fillet
Saturday Boiled chicken fillet or any lean meat
Sunday Fresh or baked apples
During the last week of each day it is necessary to consume specific products in a certain quantity. The table with the detailed menu shows the daily volumes, which should be evenly distributed throughout the day, adhering to the principle of fractional nutrition.
4 week Monday Vegetable salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (150 g), boiled beef (200 d)
Tuesday Vegetable salad of cabbage and greens, seasoned with low-fat sour cream (300 g), grapefruit (2 PCs.), boiled eggs (2 PCs.)
Wednesday Any boiled vegetables except potatoes (200 g), oranges (2 PCs.), boiled eggs (2 PCs)
Thursday boiled Chicken (300 g), grapefruit (1 PC.), boiled chicken eggs (2 PCs.)
Friday lettuce leaves (150 g), grapefruit (1 PC.), vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with low-fat sour cream (200 g)
Saturday fat-Free cottage cheese (200 g), boiled chicken fillet (100 g)
Sunday low-Fat kefir (1 liter), boiled fish fillet (200 g), cabbage salad (250 g)

Results of egg diet for 4 weeks: photos before and after

the Results of the egg diet, designed for 4 weeks, can be evaluated in the photo before and after losing weight.

Diet Benefits

Because egg diet is based on the use of products with a large number of useful components, it has a lot of advantages. In addition to weight loss, this diet allows you to improve your body.

The Advantages of egg diet are:

  • restores blood sugar – it is known that chicken eggs reduce craving for sweets;
  • the menu includes simple and healthy dishes that are both hearty and tasty, so the person will not feel hungry and he will not have desire to add sauces and condiments;
  • the menu includes a full Breakfast, which will allow you to get enough before lunch, avoiding the desire to eat;
  • the list of permitted products includes vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of fiber and vitamins;
  • for cooking do not have to spend a lot of money and effort, they are as simple as possible.

Note! Egg contain vitamins E, K, A, B, a large number of trace elements (potassium, zinc, iodine and others), Biotin, Niacin, which normalizes metabolism. Thanks to lutein and coenzyme Q10 improves the condition of the skin and hair, strengthens the muscular system.

Diet Deficiencies

Egg diet Menu, designed for 4 weeks, is not without drawbacks. However, they are much less than advantages. However, it is important to take them into account, in order not to harm their own health, and lose weight for the benefit of the body.

Among the disadvantages of egg diet should note the following:

  • the protein of chicken eggs contains albumin, which in combination with grapefruit can cause a rash on the skin (with the appearance of skin rashes and itching, you should immediately stop the diet to avoid disorders of the digestive system);
  • since the menu includes foods without carbohydrates, they can there are such conditions as headache, dry skin, fatigue.

When such symptoms appear, stop eating in this way, and if they do not disappear after a week, you need to see a doctor.

Important nuances

Each diet is important to keep drinking regime. As you know, a person needs to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, which helps to restore metabolic processes and normalize the digestive system systems. Maintaining an egg diet, it is recommended to drink daily up to 2 liters of water without gas. In addition to this volume, green tea and natural coffee are allowed. As for alcohol, it is strictly forbidden. Carbonated drinks are also prohibited.

To get great results from the egg diet, you need to exercise daily. it is Not necessary to load yourself with intensive physical training, rather usual easy charging, the duration of which is about half an hour. As the body gets used to sports, you can increase the load. For example, add to the morning exercises evening fifteen-minute Jogging.

Since the egg diet for weight loss limits a large number of products, so that the body does not lack the valuable components necessary for its full operation, it is recommended to take a vitamin complex for 4 weeks. Otherwise perhaps the deterioration of health.

At the end of the egg diet it is necessary to build a diet so that the body receives no more than 2 000 kcal per day. In case of increase in caloric content, it is possible to return weight.

As in weight loss the human body experiences stress, it is recommended that during diet of egg to devote more time to rest, to avoid fatigue. Lack of sleep and other negative factors can adversely affect the functioning of organism's.


Contraindications egg diet, designed for 4 weeks, a little, but they must be taken into account, so as not to harm your body.

The following conditions are Prohibited to maintain such a diet:

· Allergy on eggs;

· Allergy on citrus fruits;

· pregnancy and breastfeeding;

· diseases liver and kidneys.

Reviews of slimming and their photos confirm excellent results of the egg diet, but to avoid negative reactions of the body, it is desirable to consult a doctor in advance.

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