Egg diet for 2 weeks: menu for 14 days, table

It is Established that due to the egg diet, designed for 2 weeks, the body is enriched with protein, and the weight is rapidly decreasing. About the benefits of eggs for the human body is known to almost everyone. This product contains a lot of useful components that have a positive effect on the work of all organs and systems. Since eggs allow you to get a feeling of satiety for a long time and do not lead to the deposition of subcutaneous fat, nutritionists a special food based on them was developed.

In this article you will find a detailed menu for egg diet for two 2 weeks in the table, as well as get acquainted with the basic rules and benefits of this method of weight loss.

Features of the method of weight loss

By the name of the diet it is easy to guess that the main product of this food are eggs. This product was taken as a basis for a reason. Chicken eggs are almost completely absorbed by the human body, contain vitamins, macro-and microelements that help internal organs to work correctly. In addition, they are a low-calorie product.

Note! Nutritionists claim that chicken eggs contain valuable protein, which is the standard for estimates of other proteins.

The daily menu of the egg diet for 2 weeks includes foods with a high protein content and a minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates. Because of this, in addition to the breakdown of fat, there is the development and strengthening of muscle fibers. With a limited supply of carbohydrates in the human body, there is a shortage of energy, as a result of which the hidden reserves of glycogen begin to be spent. First it is taken from muscle tissue and liver, and then – from fat. As a result, they are split, which leads to a decrease in the volume of the body.

Since the daily menu includes orange, this diet, designed for 2 weeks, is often called egg-orange. In addition to oranges, you can use grapefruit or other citrus fruits. As you know, they contribute to the active burning of fat.

Basic rules of egg diet

It is important to adhere To the egg diet established rules, otherwise the required efficiency can not be obtained. They are quite simple and quickly become a habit.

Basic rules of egg diet for 14 days to the following:

  • the basis of the diet is three meals a day – since the products included in the menu are quite nutritious, the need for snacks, as a rule, does not arise;
  • it is forbidden to replace one product with another, do not also include in the diet of new food on their own;
  • Breakfast is the most important meal, so it should not be missed;
  • it is desirable to completely abandon products containing caffeine, fats and simple carbohydrates;
  • the main method of cooking – cooking, baking, stewing, steaming (when baking, do not use oil or other fat);
  • vegetables and fruits can be eaten in cheese vide;
  • the bread is better to completely give up on the diet, but if not, you need to consume toast, crackers or pastry flour;
  • more to drink vitamins is not necessary, because the menu includes lots of vegetables and fruits;
  • it is desirable to boil soft-boiled eggs, because in this form they are best absorbed by the body.

From drinks should choose green tea, fresh juices, water without gases'.


It is Worth noting that the egg diet for 14 days has many advantages, the main of which are the following:

  • due to the strict diet, overeating is excluded, which means that excess weight will not accumulate;
  • thanks to the use of fruits, the body is saturated with valuable components, including vitamins – they are a healthy substitute for sweets;
  • vegetables contain a large number of fiber that improves bowel function;
  • eggs permanently eliminate the feeling of hunger.

At the end of the egg diet, which lasts only 2 weeks, many note the lack of craving for sauces, seasonings, spices and fats, which pursued earlier. And thanks to small portions it is possible to reduce the size of the stomach, which in the future will give the opportunity to be saturated with smaller amounts of food.

Permitted and prohibited products

When the egg diet is allowed to use certain types of products, but they are so nutritious that they are enough for a full meal. As a rule, it is a food with a high content of protein, vitamins and other useful components.

When egg diet for 14 days are allowed to use:

  • all vegetables except potatoes;
  • any fruit except bananas, figs, mangoes, dates;
  • buckwheat;
  • lean meats;
  • tea;
  • low-fat cheese;
  • chicken eggs.

The List of prohibited products is wider. How typically, it includes fatty high-calorie dishes. The main products from the list of prohibited in the egg diet are:

  • bakery products;
  • sweets;
  • lamb;
  • sausages;
  • oil and fats;
  • bananas, grapes, figs, dates;
  • wheat and rice cereals and other.

In Other words, you need to exclude from the diet anything that can bring harm to body.

Detailed egg diet menu for 2 weeks: table

It Should be noted that Breakfast is the same every day and consists of 2 eggs, 1 grapefruit and weak black or green tea. At one time it is necessary to use a certain type of fruit. Based on this, it is easy to guess that the menu does not include fruit salads. As for vegetable salads, they can be seasoned with sour cream, but do not use sauces, seasonings and mayonnaise.

Note! If the menu does not specify the exact number of products, it is necessary to use them as much as required for saturation. It is not recommended to overeat.

Detailed menu of egg diet for 2 weeks is described in the table.

Week Day of the week Lunch Dinner
1 week Monday Any fruit to choose from Boiled chicken fillet (up to 200 g)
Tuesday Boiled chicken meat (not more than 200 g) 1 orange, 2 eggs, vegetable salad
Wednesday 2 tomatoes, slice of hard cheese Boiled chicken fillet (up to 200 g)
Thursday Any fruit vegetable Salad, boiled chicken fillet (up to 200 g)
Friday 2 eggs, any vegetables in cheese or boiled the form of Vegetable salad, boiled chicken (up to 200 g)
Saturday Any fruit Salad of vegetables, chicken fillet boiled or smoked (about 200 g)
Sunday 1 orange, boiled vegetables, boiled chicken (up to 200 g) boiled Vegetables
2 weeks Monday Salad vegetables, boiled chicken fillet (200 g) Vegetable salad, 1 orange, 2 eggs
Tuesday Vegetable salad, boiled chicken fillet (up to 200 g) 2 eggs, vegetable salad, 1 orange
Wednesday Boiled chicken fillet (200 g), 1 cucumber vegetable Salad, 2 eggs, 1 orange
Thursday 2 tomatoes, slice hard cheese, 2 eggs 2 eggs
Friday Boiled fish (can be cooked on couple of) 2 eggs
Saturday 2 tomatoes, boiled chicken, 1 grapefruit As and lunch
Sunday Boiled chicken, 1 tomato, 1 orange, boiled or steamed vegetables As and lunch

According to losing weight in their reviews, the main thing to hold on to the egg diet for 2 days, after which it is much easier to observe.

Egg diet for 2 weeks: reviews and results with photos

As a result of compliance with the egg diet, designed for 2 weeks, it is possible to lose an average of 5-7 kg. But this result is possible only in strict compliance with all the rules. It is desirable to abandon bad habits, in particular, from alcohol abuse. You shouldn't drink too much coffee. These drinks prevent the withdrawal of excess fluid and harmful substances from the body.

Numerous reviews suggest that on the egg diet for 2 weeks you can lose at least 5 kg, and proof of this are the photos before and after weight loss, which are visible results.

Period after egg diet

Nutritionists themselves confirm that the egg diet for 14 days is quite effective and helps to get rid of 5 or more kilograms, if you follow all the recommendations. It can be repeated a month later.

At the end of the egg diet, it is important to stick to the basics of proper nutrition, so that the extra pounds again returned.

  • it is Recommended to add to the menu oranges and other citrus fruits, foods high in protein, limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates.
  • it is Desirable to drink a lot of water (up to 2 liters of clean water should be drunk per day without gas, tea and other drinks are not included in this volume).
  • in Addition, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt, because it has the ability to retain fluid in the body.
  • Every diet should be properly completed and egg-based nutrition is no exception. According to nutritionists, the correct yield and diet guarantees 50% of the result.
  • Since the egg diet menu includes small portions, the stomach decreases in volume by about half in 2 weeks. It's worth taking advantage of. Since due to the reduced size of the digestive organ saturation occurs faster, do not increase the portions and overeat. Otherwise, the stomach will stretch again, and the body will require more food. And, as you know, this will lead to additional weight gain.
  • you need to Eat often, but gradually. It is recommended to refuse snacks. If between the main meals there is a strong feeling of hunger, you can eat an Apple or orange, but not a sandwich or pastries. In addition to clean water, it is useful to drink green or herbal tea, vegetable juices.
  • Positively affect the body after losing weight walking in the fresh air. Encouraged to exercise that will help to support the weight not the required level.

The Main rule – dinner should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. In the evening, you should eat light food, which the body quickly digests.

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