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Exercises for the legsOften exercises for weight loss of legs and thighs are selected on the principle of "helped a friend, will help me." Sometimes girls find the first available complex of Mach legs and start with zeal, worthy of better use, to perform them, not knowing what training is needed to lose weight legs. That is why so many disappointed in the "leg" exercises.

To this or that complex helped to lose weight, it should be suitable for you. And for this it is necessary to assess the scale of their own problems and identify the true cause of the notorious fullness of the legs and thighs. What are the exercises for weight loss of legs?

Exercises for legs and thighs: extra fat

Effective exercises for weight loss of legs

It is Believed that the best helps for weight loss – gymnastics, which includes Mach legs back, forward and sideways. However, if your problem is excessive fat and you are thinking about how to lose weight, it is not likely to help Mahi. The reason is that you need more energy-intensive movements in the legs and hips that will allow your body to burn fat layer. The paradox is that you need to train not only and not so much the legs in isolation, as the whole body in the complex, then lose weight and the problem area. Results can be achieved in a week, if you do the right exercises for the legs.

    So, if you can pinch the fat on your thighs or calves with your thumb and forefinger, you need a comprehensive approach of leg exercises to lose weight.

Exercise 5 times per week:

  • on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, perform a cardio complex for slimming legs and thighs,
  • and in Tuesday and Thursday "lean" on power several exercises for legs.

Try to stick meal plan with moderate calorie, limit fatty foods and simple carbohydrates. You will feel the difference quite quickly and understand what you need to do to lose weight feet.

Cardio exercises for slim nog

How to lose weight with cardio? Required: any cardio machine, jump rope.
Warm up for 5 minutes on the machine. Get down on the floor and do 100 jumping rope on two legs.
Then put your feet parallel to each other, tighten your stomach, straighten up and do 50 quick squats, it's good for slimming in the hips. Then again, "saddle" trainer for slimming legs and thighs and work on it for 4 minutes with medium intensity. After that – 100 jumps with a rope on the floor, it is to lose weight legs. Then 25 lunges forward without burdening each leg, then – again the simulator for 4 minutes, 100 jumps and 50 twists on the press on the floor. So, for a week, this gymnastics for weight loss of legs and thighs will help you achieve good results and you will be able to understand what exercises are right for you.

Depending on own training, you can increase the number of intervals, bringing the training time for the legs to a full hour.

Strength exercises for leg muscles

Effective leg exercises

You will Need: rubber band shock absorber, dumbbells weighing 6-12 kg
Stretch out by doing 300 jumps with a jump rope, or run at a calm pace for 5-10 minutes.

Squat with dumbbells

Take dumbbells in hands, hands lower along trunk. The back is straight, the stomach is strongly retracted, heels on the floor. Slowly, on 4 accounts go down in a squat until thighs parallel with the floor, rise in the same mode. Do 12 squats, repeat the approach 2 more times, rest between approaches no more than 30 seconds.

Abduction of the foot with tape

Leg drying exercisesLeg exercises for weight loss

Stand on the shock absorber tape, the left handle of the shock absorber fix on the left foot. Bend your supporting leg, tear your left leg off the floor and move it to the left as high as possible, slowly go back. Perform 20 repetitions, 3 sets with each foot.

Lunge with dumbbells
Exercises: how to lose weight quickly in the legs

Starting position for exercises like the squat. Step with your left foot forward, do not turn your hips, the right foot is on the tip, the knee is slightly bent. At the same time, stretch your buttocks back and fall into the lunge, ideally, until the right knee touches the floor. Do not bend the "front" leg at an acute angle, hip in the bottom point should be parallel to the floor, and the pelvis – bent. For slim legs, perform 12 repetitions with each leg, 3 approaches.

Retracting the straight leg back
Leg slimming exercises for girls

Get down on all fours, shock absorber tape under your knees. Put the shock absorber handle on the left foot, straighten the left leg, and, trying not to bend the lower back, slowly move the leg back-up. Do 20 repetitions of the exercise, 3 sets each feet.

Charging for legs and hips

What movement to do under plie? Stand up straight, feet turned out, socks looking in the opposite direction, legs wider than shoulders. Dumbbell hold hands in front of you, descend into a squat until thighs parallel with the floor, but the pelvis bend, return to original position, during exercise, keep your glutes involved, not relax them. These techniques are needed for weight loss. Your goal is to feel the work inner thighs and legs, 12 reps,3 sets.

Complete these exercises with push-UPS, pose of the plank and twisting on the press, for slim legs, as well as to train all the muscles of the body.

Exercise for weight loss legs and thighs: muscle volume

How to lose weight in the legs?

What do you need to lose weight legs? If your feet feel too full because of the big pumped up muscles, effective complex exercise for weight loss should be somewhat different. Training with large weights will only increase the volume, you also need dry muscles of the legs. The wrong strategy in this case – a complete rejection of strength training. If the muscles are large, the refusal of training will not give you anything but a decrease in tone, well, sagging is not a synonym for a small volume.

To build lean muscle and stretch your legs on the rope, take the movement from the power sector in our article and follow from on 40-50 repetitions one after another without rest. Do not use weights, perform 3-4 "circles" of strength exercises one after another.

After that, the perfect Jogging for 20-30 minutes, but you should move at a moderate speed. Perform such work 2-3 times a week. Additionally, arrange high-intensity, but short cardio.

For Example, perform 300 jumps with a jump rope on two legs, and immediately run quickly for 3 minutes. Repeat this cycle 5 times and don't forget to pull the leg muscles. Help "dry" feet and skating and Cycling, but remember that you need to work with average speed and intensity. Too much resistance in your case can only "provoke" the pump.

And, of course, stretch each muscle group after both strength and aerobic work to relieve excess tone.

Follow the diet, you should avoid combining simple carbohydrates and proteins, especially after training. Try to eat protein products with non-starchy vegetables, and carbs transfer to the first half of the day to feel a greater return on training. After all, even the best exercises for drying the legs will be useless with improper nutrition.

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