Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen

Effective exercises for slimming the abdomenUgly open – the problem a serious. After all, it is there that fat deposits begin to gather, and soon, instead of a sexual fold, there is something that you can call a gentle word "tummy", you do not want to. And the question is acute, both for men and for women. The first acquire these dubious ornaments after the wedding, the second after childbirth.

Exercise for weight loss belly – it is a real alternative numerous diets. At the same time you keep and strengthen your health, and do not bring the body to exhaustion. The main thing is complexity. In addition to the load on the abdominal muscles, you need to do at least one or two exercises aimed at strengthening other muscle groups.

And one more note before proceeding to the description of the exercises. No amount of exercise will help if you don't start eating right.

So, weight loss exercises belly:

#1. Lie down on a special Mat or clean floor. Put your hands behind your head. Pull two legs up to your chest at the same time. If it is difficult, then pull up to the level to which you can. Hands to help themselves is prohibited. Then slowly straighten. Repeat the exercise ten times. The specified number will apply to all further exercises. Do the exercises smoothly and slowly.

#2. In the same position, rest feet to the floor. Start breathing with your belly. Usually in women, "chest-type" breathing. So you have to try. Each time you inhale, lift your back from the floor. In order not to breathe the dust before beginning the exercise room is ventilated.

#3. Hands lie along the body. Feet lift from the floor, my hands form the points of support. Start crossing them alternately. At the same time try to raise your head.

#4. Position the same. Lift your legs up at the same time, and then lower, but do not put on the floor, and stopped in ten centimeters, lift again. Make it the habit will be difficult, so if not, lift each leg alternately.

#5. Move from a lying position to a sitting position, bending your knees and not helping yourself with your hands.

#6. Roll over. Bend your lower leg at the knee. Top – straight lift up until it stops and put in place. Then perform this and for the other its feet, replacing the side.

#7. Perform a similar exercise, only the upper leg should do a circular rotation, as in Cycling.

#8. Finish the exercises in a standing position. Bend over and try to reach with closed hands each foot in turn.

Remember, belly is the most problematic area. Therefore, do not expect quick results, but that they will be – no doubt!

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