Ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Before you do sports training, you need to know your own body type, depending on what the training complex and diet are developed. If you do not take into account such features, you can not get the desired result.

Somatotype is a type of human body construction characterized by specific features of bone development, subcutaneous fat, metabolic processes occurring in the body. A major role in the formation of the somatotype plays a genetic factor.

Body Types

According to William Sheldon, there are three types of people, depending on build:

  • ectomorph – such people stand out weak developed organs, small weight, refinement and fragility;
  • endomorph – in people with such a somatotype organs are developed excessively, there is excess weight, which appears as a result of the accumulation of body fat;
  • mesomorph – such a somatotype is characterized by a proportional development of the body, mentally stable and a good physique.

Body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Often there are people with a mixed body type. That is, they are dominated by individual signs of ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.


Ectomorphs are energetic, active, but have insufficient strength and endurance. Such people are distinguished by a lean physique, they have narrow shoulders and chest, but elongated limbs. Muscle mass is underdeveloped, bones are thin. They do not have to exhaust themselves with diets, subject to excessive physical exertion to lose the hated kilograms, because they simply do not have excess weight.

In the body of ectomorphs metabolism is fast, they have a problem is weight gain and muscle building.


Mesomorphy slim, body type is average. Medium-sized bones, arms and the legs are proportional to the body. Such people are hard to call, but excessive thinness they do not differ. Fat is evenly distributed throughout the body, and does not accumulate in any particular place.

Due to the effective real exchange mesomorphy muscle mass easily gain with the help of exercise.


Natural power and toughness characteristic of indofarma. The physique of such people is rounded, there is a predisposition to completeness. The body of endofrow quickly accumulates fats, and all because of a slow metabolism. They have a pear-shaped figure with broad hips and narrow shoulders. Although the nature of endofrow force, they are often subject of fatigue and laziness.

How to determine your somatotype?

There Are several ways to determine the type of your body:

  • according to anthropometric data;
  • intercostal corner;
  • by wrist measurement.

Determine the body type on the anthropometric data as follows: measured physical parameters of the body, and then using formulas to draw conclusions. This technique is considered the most reliable. It is used in health centers and fitness clubs.

The Advantage of the second method is its simplicity. To determine your own somatotype, it is enough to feel the lower border with your hands ribs'. Putting them with your thumbs and repeating their line, you can see that formed a corner. If it is less than 90 degrees, the human body belongs to ectomorphs. If the angle between the thumbs will be more than 90 degrees – endomorph. Accordingly, the right angle indicates that the man – mesomorph.

Not accurate Enough result gives a method for determining the type of human body to measure the circumference of your wrist. However, its advantage lies in simplicity. Sufficiently encircle your wrist with thumb and middle finger of the opposite hand. If they overlap – a person is an ectomorph. For mesomorphs characterized only by the contact of the fingers. In endomorphs, they don't touch each other.

In Addition, the wrist can be measured with a tape measure or meter at the narrowest point. The results are described below:

  • endomorph - 15-17 cm for women and 18-20 cm for men;
  • mesomorph – more than 17 cm in women and more than 20 cm in men;
  • ectomorph – up to 15 cm in women and up to 1 cm in men.

The Last method is not exact, it is used only as an auxiliary method, helps to determine the type of human physique.

There are also special programs to determine the somatotype of a person. It is enough to pass the test by answering simple questions.

Training Recommendations

For a certain type of person physique has its own recommendations which will help you get the most from training.

For ectomorphs, unlike mesomorphs and endomorphs, the amount of calories burned during exercise should be minimal. It should be borne in mind that their body is characterized by a high level of metabolic processes. The main part of the classes is occupied by basic exercises. The number of sets and repetitions increases slowly. An important role is played by rest between workouts, which is necessary for recuperation. Sports load ectomorphs intense, but short. This is how you can effectively dial muscle mass.

Body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

For maximum results from training mesomorphs must often change the pace of implementation of power exercises and combine them with a different number of repetitions.

In the body endomorphs fat deposits accumulate quickly, so they need to train frequently, allocating a minimum of time for rest. Plays a big role the intensity of the exercise, it needs to be high to gain muscle mass and break down fats.

Nutrition Recommendations

People with different body types should also have different diets. Ectomorphs you can eat absolutely anything and in large enough quantities, especially if they train regularly. Organic substances that enter their bodies with food are rapidly converted into energy. With sufficient use proteins (3 g per 1 kg of net weight per day) they become the building blocks for muscles. It is necessary to drink up to 1 liter of liquid per day.

Mesomorph it is allowed to eat a moderate amount of food, but make sure that it does not become excessive. Also important is the intake of protein products (2 g of protein per 1 kg of weight per day). As for fats, mesomorphs are not recommended to get involved in food with their high content. However and fully remove fats from the diet is not necessary. The main thing is to stick to the right proportions.

Propensity endomorphs to fullness causes them to reduce the amount of calories consumed. Especially much will have to limit carbohydrates. People with endomorphic physiques should focus on foods high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. As a result of training, given the lack of carbohydrate intake and their subsequent conversion into fats, the body will begin to borrow nutrients from the subcutaneous layer.

Body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Thus, the training and nutrition system should be designed taking into account the physique of the person. The only way to get the maximum result on the way to strengthen the muscles and do not harm your health. If you yourself determine your somatotype and develop a set of necessary exercises to gain muscle mass is not possible, you should contact specialists. It is especially difficult to do this for people with a mixed body type, which at the same time there are signs of exomorph and mesomorph or endomorph.

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