Duodenal ulcer: diet and eating habits in duodenal ulcer

duodenal Ulcer is caused by special bacteria. Getting into the body, they quickly corrode the walls of the digestive organs. Symptoms of the disease: heartburn, nausea, burping, constipation. To get rid of the disease, you need a comprehensive treatment that includes a special diet, and may contain diet Elena Malysheva or treatment popular means. Proper nutrition is an important component of effective therapy. You need to think carefully about the menu that the disease has not led to complications.

Duodenal Ulcer: diet, treatment

Diet in this disease is based on the regulation of the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is necessary to reduce the negative impact of harmful substances (various "E", dyes and preservatives, cholesterol, etc.), so it is forbidden to use products with their content.

Note: it is Recommended to limit the amount of salt entering the body with food. It has a negative effect on duodenal ulcer.

Doctors insist on such a diet (table from calculation use in clock):

  • proteins – from 100 g and more;
  • fats – no more than 90 g (a quarter of the total should be vegetable fats);
  • carbohydrates – no more than 400 g;
  • salt – up to 8 g;
  • water – not less than 1.5 L.

Important! It is necessary to consume no more than 3 kg of food containing up to 2800 kcal per day.

Duodenal Ulcer: diet, nutrition

Diet (perforated ulcer, stomach ulcer, ulcer of the bulb, etc.) contemplates that the choice of certain products and their method of preparation. Extremely important and diet, the amount of food eaten at a time. It is recommended for one meal to eat small amounts of food, but eat often, up to 6 times a day. Fried dishes with this disease are unacceptable. You should steam or boil it.

Diet for duodenal ulcer - medical nutrition

Completely excluded sharp, smoked, hot and too cold. It is forbidden to use spices for cooking. It is important to chew the food thoroughly, so it will be better digested and assimilated. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Dinner should be no earlier than three hours before sleep's.

What can I eat with stomach or duodenal ulcers?

Allowed the use of flour products, but it is important that they were dried or yesterday. Sometimes you can eat pies, but they should be baked in the oven and in any case not fried.

It is Allowed to prepare vegetarian soups for the patient suffering from ulcer. For this purpose, a vegetable broth is used. Are permitted and dairy soups, but groats in them must be well tenderized.

It is Desirable to give preference to such cereals as buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, semolina. Porridge of them must be liquid or viscous consistency. You can boil pasta. Leafy vegetables should not be consumed. It is better to prefer them potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini. Non-spicy and unsalted cheese varieties are allowed in the diet.

Diet for duodenal ulcer - medical nutrition

As for meat dishes, can be included in the diet of soufflés, croquettes, meatballs for a couple, made from rabbit, chicken or veal. It is recommended to eat boiled fish and make it a variety of snacks.

Among dairy products should choose those that contain the lowest percentage of fat, for example, one percent kefir. However, they should not be too acidic. Eggs in the form of omelets or boiled can be included in the diet, but not often, enough twice a week.

Fruits and berries can be used both fresh and baked view. They are also recommended to prepare jelly, jelly and other desserts. Among the sweets is to choose marshmallows, jam (non-acid), honey, marshmallows. From fats refined vegetable and butter is used. Drinks are fruit drinks, still water, broth hips, weak tea.

What not to eat with stomach or duodenal ulcers?

Fatty meats should be excluded from the diet.  It is forbidden to use fresh pastries, flour products on based on pastry.

Dairy products with high acid content is also limited. It is not recommended to use for cooking barley, millet, corn and pearl barley. It is forbidden to use beans.

Diet for duodenal ulcer - medical nutrition

Fruits with high fiber content are also banned. Fatty meats are also not useful. Chocolate and ice cream can not be used in the diet. As for drinks, do not drink kvass, strong tea and coffee, sparkling water. Alcohol is strictly forbidden. The same applies to spices such as horseradish, chutney and more.

Diet after surgery duodenal ulcer

In the first 4 days after surgery it is not recommended to eat. Allowed to drink a small amount of water on the second day, gradually increasing its volume. On the third day, the doctor may recommend the use of light broth. Starting from the fourth day after surgery, the patient should follow a diet. It includes meat dishes of low-fat varieties, porridge in liquid form (without salt, sugar and milk), steam omelet, crackers from wheat flour. Tea and jelly are used as drinks.

The doctor notifies the patient individually about the duration of such a diet after the examination.

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