Drying the body: what is dry body how to do dry body men and women at home

body Drying is a concept that came from bodybuilders. Some people mistakenly believe that this process is the same as the usual weight loss. In fact, there are certain differences, which does not hurt to know. For example, body drying is carried out mainly for professional athletes in order to prepare them for the competition. But ordinary people is not recommended, as it can harm health. So will either have to abandon the idea to start to dry, or remember the basic rules that will help to avoid negative consequences.

What is a body dryer?

What is drying of the body and why it is needed

Drying is getting rid of the fat layer in order to appear beautiful relief, and every muscle was traced. After it, the body becomes attractive and fit. The result is achieved not only through a special diet, but also with the help of proper exercise. The program should be made individually for each person and strictly controlled by the coach.

Many people are interested not only in what drying is, but also how it is carried out. The first thing to talk about diet for body drying. She it should not be hard, like fasting. Its essence is that the athlete must minimize the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Thanks to this, fats will begin to break down actively and in a couple of months it will be possible to lose 10-20 kg. At the same time, the muscles will remain and acquire pronounced outlines.

The common man need to know that the result will stay for a while, so it makes sense to do it only on professional athletes. This is due to the fact that for admission to the competition, their body must have a certain kind, which can be achieved only by eliminating carbohydrates.

How to do drying for men?

To build muscle wants to mainly, strong floor, like ordinary women, the goal is just to pull the figure and get rid of extra pounds. Therefore, most often the question arises, what is the drying of the body and how to do it, it is in men. It is necessary to understand that you should start drying, realizing all possible negative consequence. If you really need it, then you can already think about how to do it right.

What is drying of the body and why it is needed

Start to dry the body do not abruptly as it is strong stress to the body. To reduce the number carbohydrates need to be consumed slowly, gradually approaching 130-150 g per day. The exact number must be assigned individually by the coach.

There Is a danger together with fat losing and muscle. To avoid this, you have to take vitamins and amino acids. They are contained in sports nutrition.

As for training, their intensity should be reduced. Even healthy people experience weakness, dizziness, apathy, and even fatigue due to carbohydrate withdrawal depression. Therefore, to engage in the hall or at home need less time and intensity than usual.

Do Not be surprised if you can not lift the previous weight, as the force for this period will decrease. You do not need to overstrain yourself, as the desire to quickly bring the body into shape will have a bad impact on health.

How is the drying body for girls?

Women should understand that the drying of the body should not take place only for the purpose of losing weight. To do this, it is better to choose a normal diet and not to torture the body. If it is still important to know what is body drying for girls, then the question can simply be answered. The principle is no different from that used for men.

If to speak much detail about nutrition, then to exclude will have coffee and black tea, any sweet and alcoholic beverages. You can replace them with mineral water and green tea. Dairy products are not recommended to use, as it retains the liquid in the body.

What is drying of the body and why it is needed

Food is preferable to use steam a chicken breast, veggies, oatmeal or brown rice. From fruits are acceptable apples. In General, the number of calories should not exceed 1800 per day. If done correctly, the body will accept the process normally, and the result will be pleasantly surprised.

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