Drinking diet – effective weight loss without starvation. The basic rules of the diet

In the list of the most effective dietary methods is a drinking diet. But with an illiterate approach, it can cause great harm to health. To diet has brought only benefit and become a faithful assistant in achieving the goals, you need to understand all the intricacies of this diet program.

Terms and conditions

As can be understood from the name, the drinking diet is based on the use of liquids. But many people understand it too literally, so the course is everything: alcohol, soft drinks, fatty yogurt, packaged juices and other sugary drinks. With this approach, you can not only forget about the desired result, but also "ruin" your own stomach. What products are allowed drinking diet that you can drink?

  • Water. Do not rush to the extreme and lose weight only on the water. Only trained people can afford it. But anyone can make a "hungry" fasting day a couple of times a month.
  • Juice, but drink not from boxes, and natural. It can be diluted with ordinary or mineral water, but the sugar should not be added.
  • Compotes,jelly, fruit drinks.
  • Tea without sugar. Supplements such as honey, milk, ginger, herbs, drinking diet, reviews of which can be found online, allows.
  • Dairy products. Not all liquid milk products fall into this category. It is better to give preference for natural products (milk, yogurt, sour yogurt), and from all kinds of drinks with additives, flavor enhancers and flavors to refuse.
  • Broth that can be meat, chicken, fish or vegetable.
  • Vegetable soups, fruit and berry smoothie.

Varieties of drinking diet

Perhaps the most difficult, but effective is a thirty-day drinking diet, photos before and after which are striking. During this period, you can not only get rid of the load in the form of excess weight, but also "put in order" the body. It is good that the person makes the menu on the basis of the allowed products and personal preferences. Here's an example daily diet, made up of what is possible on a drinking diet:

  • Breakfast: kefir.
  • Snack: ginger tea.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, green tea.
  • afternoon Snack: grapefruit fresh.
  • Dinner: a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Not everyone is perfect drinking diet for 30 days. Such a program is difficult for those who are psychologically dependent not only on food, but also on the the process of absorption of food. More sparing is a drinking diet of 7 days, the results of which, however, are not so impressive, but still can not but rejoice (from 4 to 7 kg). Here's her sample menu.

  • Monday: milk day. Fat content of products should not exceed 2%.
  • Tuesday: vegetable soup with beef broth.
  • Wednesday: fresh juices.
  • Thursday: fruit and dried fruit compote.
  • Friday: meat or fish broth.
  • Saturday: berry jelly with oatmeal.
  • Sunday: dairy.

How the drinking diet will be tolerated, how much you can lose, largely depends on the characteristics of the body and the initial weight, but in any case, the stomach must be prepared. At least a couple of weeks before it is to minimize the use of "heavy" food: fatty and fried dishes, pastries, fast food, as well as include in the daily menu more fruits, vegetables and drinks from them.

No less important and the right way out of the drinking diet, especially long-term. It is necessary to gradually reduce the number of "liquid" days and enter into the diet of liquid porridge, fruits and vegetables, solid dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese). To meat and fish products can be move later three weeks.

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