Drainage massage for pneumonia and bronchitis

Drainage massage for pneumonia and bronchitis

Drainage massage will be helpful To recover faster from pneumonia or bronchitis. It will increase the mobility of the ribs, strengthen the muscles of the chest, improve the lymph and blood circulation of the lungs, contribute to the resorption of exudates and infiltrates and normalize breathing. After the chest massage, the patient will improve his General condition and feel himself healthier.

Drainage massage for adults

Indications for massages are:

  • emphysema lungs;
  • fibrosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • respiratory failure during bronchitis;
  • chronic cough and pneumonia;
  • pleural effusion.

Drainage massage for pneumonia and bronchitis

The Main task of massage procedures is to prevent and reduce adhesions in the lungs and restore the mobility of the chest. In addition, it helps to accelerate the action of drugs. But it is important to know what to massage in the acute stage of the disease can not be, there are also contraindications to the procedures for some chronic diseases, penetrating wounds and pulmonary heart failure of the third degree.

Drainage massage for bronchitis

The procedure should be carried out in a room where the humidity level exceeds 65 %, otherwise the discharge of sputum will be difficult, and the overall effectiveness of the massage will decrease. Body temperature should be normalized, and inflammatory processes ― to be absent, because there may be a spasm of the respiratory tract, which, in turn, will not give the opportunity to get sputum out. The ideal time for the procedures are the morning hours, two hours after Breakfast.

Drainage massage for pneumonia and bronchitis

Chest Massage (video can be seen at the end of this article):

  1. Start the procedure with massaging the front wall of the chest.
  2. Then massage the nose and nasolabial triangle.
  3. After moving to the back, the patient should lie on the stomach so that the head is lowered below the bronchi.

Duration of one session should be about 15 minutes, standard the course consists of 10 to 14 procedures.

Drainage massage for pneumonia and bronchitis

Massage for pneumonia in children

The Main objective of the procedures is to prevent emphysematous changes in the lungs. One session for a child should last no more than 8 minutes, the duration of treatment ― 7-10 days.

Massage for pneumonia in a child should be carried out with little effort. To carry out all manipulations is also necessary first on the chest and then on the back. In order to give the body the right position, use a pillow or cushion.

Chest Massage for cough, bronchitis, pneumonia:

  1. Massaging is done before the appearance of a small redness, begin with the chest area. Especially carefully you need to massage the intercostal spaces.
  2. Then move to back. Special attention should be paid to the broadest and trapezoidal muscle.
  3. Then spend percussion ― tapping and gliding your fingertips around heart area.
  4. Put the baby on its side and also perform percussion, then ask to cough. For babies, you can try to gently press the root of the tongue to provoke the discharge of mucus.

Drainage massage the child is carried out, skirting the spine, approximately at a distance, so as not to accidentally injure him. Procedures should be performed in a damp room in the presence of a productive cough. The temperature of the baby should be normal. It's better, to treatments were done by professional massage therapist. But you can do yourself a cough massage for children, the video in this case will be the best assistant. However, if you need a baby massage for bronchitis, the video is not enough, it is better to carry out procedures in a hospital or call a masseur at home.

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