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As which muscles are affected by running
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Muscles working while running
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what muscles work when runningthere Is an opinion that morning Jogging is enough to maintain a healthy weight, and to burn excess fat, and to form a beautiful figure. What muscles work and that is losing weight from running. Will running with slimmer hips, do thigh slender, the abdomen tucked up, and posture straight? Let's face it, the possibilities of running are great, but not unlimited.

As which muscles are affected by running

First of all, running does not "shake" and "increase the volume of hips, buttocks and calves" with its help is unreal. More than one generation of women firmly believes that the muscular legs of players – it is from Jogging on the field. In fact, the health "Jogging" is simply not able to increase the volume of muscles, as it does not load them in the right mode.  But professional football players practice Lithuanian sprint, hurdles and a lot of squats with heavy weights on the back. After Jogging lose weight belly, legs, but gain muscle from running, it will be very difficult.
Will Jogging help? If you want to lose weight, forget all the myths about "running with a pump." The first time the legs really slightly increase in volume, get a little tighten the buttocks, due to the delay in the muscles of liquid and lactic acid, but after 2-3 weeks of volume will begin to decrease quite quickly. You can help yourself by observing training plan.

    Don't run every day for at least the first month of training. Better follow the rest days exercises stretching, fitness yoga or Pilates to make the lactic acid excreted from the muscles faster.

Muscles working while running

  • Jogging, when a person first steps on the front of the foot, then transfers weight to the heel, helps to work out the muscles of the back of the thigh and buttocks, as well as to load the front surface of the thighs, especially the lower beam of the quadriceps.
  • "Sports" technique "heel-toe" allows a little more use of glutes, especially with the middle beams.
  • Well, the sprinting technique of running with a push full stop works with the muscles of the hip extensors, and with calf muscles. However, this option is not recommended for Amateur athletes, as it creates an increased load on the knee joints.

What happens while running. The muscles of the arms and body when running also work, but lose weight the upper part is not as active as the muscles of the legs, because the back, press, arms and chest do not take on the weight of the body. Beginners, meanwhile, should avoid running with dumbbells in their hands or a bag on their back. Actually, running from running different, these weights are not used to train muscles in isolation, but to increase the power of the athlete's movements.

If you want to work out the back, improve posture, constantly bring the shoulder blades to the spine and do not forget to lower the shoulders and arms bend at the elbows and easily move them in time with the steps. The press should be kept tense for about 50-60%, it is not necessary to pull the stomach harder, it can interfere with proper breathing.

Will running through better health in the morning? Running strengthens the main human muscle – the heart. Jogging is a good way to prevent heart disease, but if you already have problems, consult with your doctor about the appropriateness and style of training. Also, for women, there is good news, this exercise in the morning makes it possible to tighten the buttocks.

What muscles work on running track

On the treadmill, you can independently change the speed and angle of inclination, at the same time, the human body meets less natural air resistance. Although on the treadmill and work the same muscles as in normal running, there are some features.
Choose this option running, if:

  • You need to work purposefully on the back of the thigh and buttocks. Set the average angle of the canvas – from 5 to 10% – walk for at least 20 minutes, not only to strengthen the muscles, but also to burn fat. Unlike natural slides, treadmill carefully refers to our knees – the joint has time to take the correct position in space, adapts to the height of the canvas, and the risk of injury decreases. This style allows you to load and lower the press, but do not forget to pull the stomach to create sufficient stability of the body;
  • You are a beginner, and have not yet learned to simultaneously run and monitor posture. The track sets a certain rhythm of movement, and it will be anatomically easier for you to keep a straight back and a tightened stomach than while running, for example, in the Park;
  • You are overweight or have "problem" joints. The painting of the treadmill takes the strain off the knee and ankle joint, allowing you to keep the effective work of the quadriceps, the muscles of the back of the thigh and buttocks.

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will running help to lose weight?
Cardio will help burn the fat. However, running will not be able to adjust the shape of the leg muscles, muscles of the press and waist. If you want to have "chiseled" figure, add to Jogging weight loss leg exercises or classes callanetics. For high-quality study of the "key" muscles and build a great figure will be enough for an additional 30 minutes of strength exercises 3 times a week, provided that you run at least 3 times a week for half an hour.

What muscles work when runningHow running affects the figure

How Many calories burns run

To answer the question how many calories does running burn, you need to know your weight and the speed at which you run.

For Example, at a weight of 60 kg, during a 25-minute run at a speed of 7-8 km/h, you will burn about 210 kcal,
having a weight of 80 kg – you will lose 280 kcal,
and at a weight of 100 kg – 350 kcal.

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