Do you need to lose weight: calculate body weight

Someone begins to panic when the weight reaches 50 kg, and someone not worried about extra pounds, even when the scale crosses over a hundred.

However there is objective criterion, which helps understand, there is whether you have excess weight!

Body mass Index

BMI acknowledged best in the world the criterion for determining excessive or insufficient weight bodies. It is calculated as follows:

Weight (kg) : height squared (meter)

Decoding of BMI indicators:

  • less than 18.5 - insufficient body weight;
  • 18,5-25 - weight is normal, weight loss is not required;
  • more than 25 body mass excess.

As example, consider a woman weighing 55 kg and an increase of 1.62 m. BMI = 55 : 2,6244 = 21 (normal BMI, slimming needs.)

In people who are engaged in strength training, BMI can be increased due to a large amount of muscle mass.

Determining the intensity of metabolism

So, you have done all the necessary calculations and realized that you need to lose weight. In this case, it is necessary to cut the caloric content of your diet. But what if the indicators are normal and you do not need to lose weight, but you are afraid to get better?

In this case need make another calculation and find out the intensity of metabolism, that is, the allowable daily caloric content at which you do not lose weight, but do not recover.

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To calculate by the formula Mifflin:

For women: 655 + (weight (kg)*9.6) + (height (cm)*1.8) – (age (years)*4.7)

For men: 66 + (weight (kg)*13.7) + (height (cm)*5) – (age (years)*6.8)

Result Obtained multiply by the so-called "activity factor":

  • 1,2 - sedentary, no sports training;
  • 1.4 - walking and simple exercises a couple of times a week;
  • 1,6 - sports training up to 5 times a week or work involving physical activity;
  • 2 - daily sports training and work accompanied by intense physical activity loads.
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Now from the resulting figures subtract 500 and eventually you will learn the caloric content of the diet to maintain weight. If you want to lose weight, then cut the daily caloric content by 10-20%.

When reducing the calorific value do not forget that the lower limit is 1200 kcal. Otherwise the body will go into power saving mode and metabolism will slow down.

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It is Also worth noting that the first thing you need to focus on his reflection in the mirror. If you like yourself, then this is the most important thing!

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