Do you need less fat or less weight?

What do you do when suddenly I meet a friend, who like recently seen, and which was able to lose weight quickly? Maybe not much, but it shows. Often such dialogue happens:

- Listen, you look great. Thin?
- (proudly) Yes!
How long?
- At ... kg!
Wow, cool!

And have the most thought "as can be to lose weight so quickly"? And it's really cool. At the same time, pictures pop up in my head disappeared from the sides of fat, toned face, no stomach (at least, a significant difference from what it was). Stop! And always whether to lose weight quickly means to lose fat fast?

Many of you have seen the performances of bodybuilders. Tightened, relief. And relief so that each muscle is visible. In ordinary life, even the most advanced bodybuilder does not look like this.

All because of water! Yes, Yes! It's water!

Therefore, just before the performance, many bodybuilders conduct a course of dehydration. The same trick allows athletes to get into certain weight categories at competitions.

The First thing that comes to mind when it comes to fast weight loss. - Well, there's nothing complicated, it's just the water left the body. And often it really is. This weight loss is the easiest.

But if the most effective? Pay attention to this when you hear about the new super-technique from the category of how to lose weight in a week. If you are offered to lose weight in a week, and it does not talk about the required amount of fluid (or gently silent), it is likely that you are offered this method.

In that case we all know very fast way how to lose weight!

Just buy yourself a diuretic and it's in the hat. In this way, you can lose a couple of pounds is not what a week, and a day! This is of course an extreme way and it is unlikely you will see it in this form, but the roots of many pseudo-weight loss programs in this.

Think next time you really important to lose? Overweight or excess fat? If overweight, the recipe is simple, but if excess fat, then get ready to work on yourself.

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