Do you drink enough liquid: answer 10 questions and find out

Water is the basis of life. All biochemical processes in the body occur with its participation. The liquid removes the accumulated harmful substances from the body, reduces the number of fat cells and maintains skin tone.

That is why it is important to observe the optimal water balance in the body. After answering 10 questions of the test, you will know whether you are drinking enough liquid.

1. That you can you tell me about your eyes?

A. Concerned about bags under eyes
B. nothing to complain about, except that vision deteriorates
V. Dry eyes

2. Evaluate your skin:

A. Dryness no, but occasionally edema
B. Normal skin, but a couple of times a week you moisturize it with creams or lotions
V. Dry skin prone to fine wrinkles

3. How do you usually quench your thirst?

A. No preferences expressed
B. Ordinary water, juice or a Cup of tea
V. Lemonade or a Cup of coffee

4. When you exercise, how much fluid per hour do you use?

A. Drink roughly 400 ml and even more
B. Every 10-15 minutes to take some SIPS
V. You don't drink during exercise

5. How much liquid can you drink on average per day?

A. More than 2.5 l
B. 1.5-2.5 l
V. up to 1.5 l

6. How often do you have constipation?

A. Never, on the contrary...
B. Extremely rarely
V. Often

7. How often do you desalinate food at a party or in a restaurant?

A. Do not desalinate
B. Sometimes
V. Always

8. How often do you eat sugar?

A. Rarely
B. Several times a week
V. Every day

9. If you are offered a banana, an Apple or a watermelon, what do you choose?

A. Watermelon
B. Apple
V. Banana

10. How often do you eat soups or broths?

A. Very often
B. Periodically, mostly on lunch
V. Only in the winter can eat a bowl of hot soup to warm you up

Answers under the letter A prevail? You take care of your body and regularly replenish water, but there's a risk you're overzealous. It is worth remembering that excess fluid gives a greater load on the kidneys and leads to swelling. Determine your individual rate of water per day, you can on the following principle: 35 ml per kg of weight.

Answers under the letter B prevail? You drink enough liquid, so keep up the good work! And don't forget to do moisturizing masks?, which are especially relevant in the cold season.

Most of the answers In? You keep the body on a dry diet! And if you drink, it is, as a rule, "harmful drinks" (Coca-Cola, etc.). In addition, you abuse sugar and salt, which contribute to dehydration. Can't bring yourself to drink plain water? Try adding mint leaves, cinnamon or lemon juice to improve the taste. Make it a rule to drink warm water on an empty stomach and during the working day drink a few glasses. After 2 weeks you will notice positive effect of water balance.???

Consuming enough fluids is a guarantee of health and well-being!

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