Do I need to take vitamin complexes

When spring is coming "terrible danger" - beriberi. And although now any vegetables and fruits are available all year round, many persistently take synthetic vitamin preparations. But is it really necessary to empty the pharmacy counters in search of suitable vitamins and is it safe for health? Let's understand.

Do I Need a multivitamin and how dangerous overdose

Man requires is not a multivitamin, as certain vitamins, which the body lacks. Find out what it is possible only if you take a blood test. In this case, the correct form and dosage can only choose doctor.

What vitamins to drink - will determine doctor

Taking a multivitamin can lead to an overdose of certain organic compounds, which is much more dangerous than their lack. For example, an overdose of vitamin E adversely affects blood clotting, and an excess of folic acid acid leads to the development of tumor diseases. In addition, capsule vitamins can cause severe allergic reactions.

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What vitamin can be to accept almost all

Most people who eat adequately get all the necessary elements from food. The only vitamin that is advised to take almost all residents of Russia as a prevention - vitamin D.

Vitamin D is vital for all

Its deficit is explained by geographical location, environmental degradation and difficult climatic conditions. But vitamins A, K, B9, B1, B6 and B12 are prescribed rarely. Mainly in the prevention and treatment of specific diseases.

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The Right food - the best decision

The Need for certain items it is better to fill with food. To do this, try to diversify your diet. It must be present dairy and dairy products, fish, cereals, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

By the Way, fresh products contain more vitamins, as they are destroyed by heat treatment. If you can not do without heat treatment, then choose gentle methods - baking in the oven or steaming.

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Today in pharmacies can find a huge variety of vitamin complexes, which are sold without prescription. But this does not mean that you can take them just at will. If you do not want to harm your body, be sure to consult a doctor!

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