Dieting women are much less at risk for breast cancer

Dieting women are much less at risk for breast cancerRecent studies by scientists at the University of Philadelphia (Thomas Jefferson) show that a low-calorie diet can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. Experts led by Nicole Simone, associate Professor of the University found that if you reduce the number of calories in the diet, then you can avoid a dangerous disease.

The Exact name for breast cancer is TNBC, which stands for triple negative breast cancer. Scientists conducted appropriate experiments on rodents and soon concluded that if you eat low-calorie food, TNBC is unlikely to hit the organs of an animal or a person. However, it is important to stick to a strict diet for a long time, according to Nicole Simone.

In addition, experiments on mice have shown that, along with the increase in excess weight, traditional methods of treating breast cancer are not effective at all. Based on these studies, scientists hope to create new drugs that will help defeat obesity and breast cancer.

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