Diet with prunes for weight loss and bowel cleansing, reviews, menu

Diet with prunesPrunes – dried black plum fruit, has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. Thanks to the wonderful properties of this dried fruit, diet with prunes will allow for 4 days to lose weight by 2-4 kg. the diet is not hungry, her body gets the necessary nutrients.

Prunes for weight loss: why diet works?

First we will understand why prunes are effective for weight loss:

  • Prunes are well saturated with relatively low caloric content.
  • the High content of pectin in the plums can be used as an effective remedy for bowel cleansing, use prunes at constipation. Regular use of prunes guarantees body cleansing from slags.
  • Prunes are one of the Champions in the content of potassium (732 mg / 100 g), potassium restores the water-salt balance and normalizes blood pressure. Potassium is essential for muscles, including the heart. Due to the high potassium content of prunes produces a mild diuretic effect.
  • Prunes also contain: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, beta-carotene, b vitamins, C, organic acids.
How to choose the plums?

Prunes, which will bring the body just use:

• is not bitter, the fruit should be sweet to taste, ideally with acidity.
• has a rich black color,
• do not Shine, prunes with a glossy sheen treated with fats, if you bought these fruits, it is necessary to wash them carefully with warm water.

Diet with prunes, menu

Day 1:
• Breakfast – boiled egg, grapefruit, a Cup of black coffee without sugar and 1-2 pieces of prunes.
• Lunch – borsch (without potatoes), a slice of rye or grain bread, walnuts – 2 PCs., prunes – 8 PCs., tea without sugar.
• Dinner – boiled egg, a portion of fish, orange, tea.

Day 2:
• Breakfast – a piece of hard cheese – 30 g, prunes – 2 PCs., coffee.
• Lunch – soup, a slice of rye or grain bread, 100 g boiled beef, almonds – 2-3 PCs., tea.
• Dinner – fresh vegetable salad, prunes – 4 PCs., tea.

Day 3:
• Breakfast – a slice of grain bread with low-fat ham and cheese, prunes – 3 PCs., coffee.
• Lunch – vegetable soup, slice of rye bread, tomato, small potatoes, cooked in uniform, prunes – 2 PCs., tea.
• Snack – Apple, prunes – 2 PCs.
• Dinner – a slice of rye bread, a glass of milk (kefir), prunes – 5 PCs., tea.

Day 4:
• Breakfast – half a glass cereal Hercules with milk, prunes – 4 PCs., coffee.
• Lunch – borsch (without potatoes), slice of rye bread, tomato, cucumber, prunes – 2 PCs., tea.
• Dinner – a slice of rye bread with low-fat ham and cheese, 40 g raisins, prunes – 6 PCs., tea.

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