Diet with kidney stones: what can be used and the peculiarity of the diet with kidney stones

not every person is aware of the presence of stones in the kidneys, until he feels pain. To prevent the development of urolithiasis, experts recommend to review your diet. Diet is important not only in the treatment of the disease, but also for its prevention. Sometimes it's enough to get the kidney stones out. If you do not adhere to the correct diet, complications are not excluded, and then get rid of the disease will only surgically.

Diet under stones in kidneys

The Cause of the formation of kidney stones and bladder is a violation of material metabolism. V as a result, some salts begin to dominate in the urine and the number of others decrease. Thanks to a special diet, such formations can be dissolved. After that, they will be excreted from the body with urine. It is worth noting that for each type of urolithiasis has its own diet.

Note: People suffering from urolithiasis should be aware of a possible relapse. Therefore, it is desirable to adhere to proper nutrition constantly.

Diet in urolithiasis

The First rule is exclusion from the diet of leafy vegetables, which include sorrel, rhubarb and other. It is also strictly forbidden to eat tomatoes, radishes, peas, soy, mushrooms, beans. The berries should be deleted red currants, fruit – plums. It is not recommended to use chocolate, Brussels sprouts, as well as various seasonings. The ban includes gelatin, figs, cocoa, coffee, broths based on meat, sausage, smoked fish.

Diet with kidney stones: tips on nutrition

Allowed to eat porridge made from any grain. It is permissible to include in the diet of milk and vegetable soups. Benefits will bring fish oil, bread dark varieties, greens (parsley and dill), tea, juices from berries. Cinnamon can be used as a seasoning. It is allowed to fill the dishes with both vegetable and butter.

Note: For this disease, it is recommended to use a special tea, which sold over the counter. It consists of plant components that have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Herbal tea is used in all varieties of urolithiasis.

General diet recommendations for kidney stones

Doctors recommend their patients suffering from urolithiasis to observe a drinking regime. You need at least three liters of liquid per day. In this case, we are talking about water, other drinks can only to Supplement this amount. Adhering to this condition, it is possible to avoid stagnation of urine and remove small formations.

Diet with kidney stones: tips on nutrition

The Total volume of water recommended for urolithiasis should be evenly divided during the day. The last glass must be drunk before going to bed, because at night the body for a long time will remain without liquid.

Important information: the disease poses a Particular threat to a person with one kidney. Such patients need to adhere to the recommendations of doctors with greater accuracy.

Specific diet recommendations for kidney stones

Types of kidney stones: oxalates, phosphates, urates. For each type of urolithiasis, doctors give separate advice to their patients. If they are calcium, it is recommended to reduce the amount of dairy products consumed. This also applies to yogurt and milk.

In the case of oxalate stones is not worth it go easy on the lettuce, sorrel, milk and oranges. The presence of urate formations requires restrictions in the use of by-products (especially liver and kidneys), broths prepared on the basis of meat. It is not recommended to include vegetable fats and fish in the diet. It is necessary to drink lemon juice, and grapefruit should be abandoned. Very useful rose hip.

When phosphate stones on dairy products imposed a strict ban, because they have the ability to alkalize urine, that in this situation may worsen the condition. It is not necessary to abuse vegetables and fruits, but it is recommended to increase the amount of fish and meat. Also able to acidify urine flour products and vegetable oils. It should be noted that in phosphate formations, the drinking regime can be observed not as strictly as in other types of urolithiasis.

Diet in kidney stone in men

Manifestations of this disease in men and women not differ. The disease is characterized by the same symptoms, which depend on its degree of development, and not on the gender of the person. In this regard, the recommendations on diet for men are no different from the rules of nutrition for women. He also needs to exclude some products from his diet and increase the volume of consumption of others, as well as adhere to the drinking regime.

Diet with kidney stones: tips on nutrition

Urolithiasis is common and can lead to surgery. Despite this, not everyone knows that to take in the event of its occurrence. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of your doctor, stick to a diet, even if you know the menu for the week (table №7) It will avoid complications and get rid of the disease without surgery.

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