Diet with cholecystitis: the menu that you can eat

Diet for cholecystitisCholecystitis is a disease with inflammatory processes occurring in the gallbladder. As a result, the work of the body is disrupted, bile ceases to be produced in the required volumes, and it is necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Cholecystitis can occur in acute or chronic form. The dominant place in the treatment of the gallbladder is given to diet. If you do not adhere to proper nutrition, therapy will be meaningless. Menu is made out specialist.

Diet Features

Diet in cholecystitis helps to reduce the load on liver, strengthen the production of bile and restore the digestive system. Even taking into account the need to limit the use of many dishes on the menu during chronic or acute form of gallbladder disease, nutrition is required. It is important that the daily menu of a patient with cholecystitis contain the required amount of nutrients.

Diet for cholecystitis

Pevzner advises a diet #5 under chronic cholecystitis and food from the table #5A under acute form diseases.

Note! A day patient with cholecystitis requires food containing up to 90 g of protein, up to 80 g of fat, up to 350 g of carbohydrates. It is allowed to consume up to 90 g of sugar and 10 g of table salt per day. In General, you need to eat food with total calories 2 000 – 2 500 kcal per day.

Important in case of cholecystitis stick to a fractional power. You need to eat up to 5-6 times a day, but at one time it is not recommended to eat a lot of food, because create a large load on the digestive system. While eating begins to produce bile, so smaller meals improves its outflow. It is necessary to maintain between meals the same intervals of time, which has a positive effect on the performance of the gallbladder. The required temperature of food is from 15 to 60 degrees.

What can be there is under cholecystitis?

To the allowed foods while on a diet with cholecystitis include:

  • meat and fish that belong to low-fat varieties;
  • eggs (not more often two times in week);
  • berries and fruits without expressed acid;
  • stale pastries;
  • vegetables (potatoes, zucchini, etc.);
  • vegetable oils;
  • butter (up to 20 g per day);
  • porridge (preferably semolina, oatmeal, buckwheat);
  • soups with vegetables and boiled croup;
  • weak tea (you can add a slice of lemon), mousse, compote based on ground berries and fruits, broth of rose hips.

Consume meals during the diet with cholecystitis should be boiled. You can also cook them in a steamer. Vegetables and fruits are better to pre-peel.

Diet for cholecystitis

In acute cholecystitis in the first three days it is important to adhere to the correct drinking regime. In this period it is undesirable to eat at all, although the patient's appetite is already absent. You can drink decoctions of herbs, clean water without gases. A day needs about two liters of fluid. When the aggravation subsides gradually allowed to introduce certain products in the menu. It is recommended to enter into the diet pureed porridge, vegetable puree, mousse.

Chronic cholecystitis in the remission stages of the food do not have to grind, but a diet to adhere to in any case have.

Diet for cholecystitis

What not to eat cholecystitis?

Diet in acute and chronic cholecystitis prohibits products that lead to a pronounced choleretic effect and create a load on the bladder. They have a negative impact on the whole system digestive organs. In addition, the diet of cholecystitis involves the rejection of products that contribute to the appearance of stones in the gallbladder and its ducts. Banned and food, causing irritation of the liver and increases the formation of gastric juice.

In the list is forbidden during the diet with cholecystitis products included:

  • fresh bread and other baking;
  • canned food;
  • legumes;
  • mushrooms;
  • fat;
  • chocolate, cocoa, cream and anything.

The List of permissible and prohibited products is clearly shown in the table.

Diet for cholecystitis

Diet with cholecystitis forbids drinking too strong tea.

Important! The categorical prohibition in the diet at a cholecystitis is mounted on alcohol. Alcohol-containing drinks lead to the appearance of stones in the gallbladder, provoke colic in the liver. Therefore, during the diet with cholecystitis, it is important to adhere to the "dry law", otherwise there may be complications.

Approximate diet menu for cholecystitis

Cholecystitis Diet is similar to pancreatitis diet. It is developed on the basis of permitted products, helps to eliminate pain, lose weight, normalize the digestive system. systems.

Approximate menu for a week with a diet for patients with cholecystitis is presented below:

  1. Monday:
  • oatmeal porridge with butter, tea;
  • cottage cheese and banana;
  • soup with vegetables, pepper stuffed with rice and low-fat minced meat, broth of rose hips;
  • vegetable salad with vegetable oil;
  • rice on milk, galetnoe cookie.
  1. Tuesday:
  • curd casserole, tea;
  • fruit salad with nuts;
  • vegetable soup,rice porridge with steamed cutlet, sweet compote;
  • baked Apple;
  • omelet on couple of from proteins, a weak tea.
  1. Wednesday:
  • dumplings with cottage cheese filling, broth of rose hips;
  • caviar zucchini with a slice of stale bread;
  • a light soup made from buckwheat, boiled meat, stewed;
  • grated carrots and Apple;
  • vinaigrette, a slice of mild cheese, weak tea.
  1. Thursday:
  • semolina porridge, weak coffee with milk;
  • the egg-white omelette steamed, baked Apple;
  • low-fat meat broth, mashed potatoes with cheese slice, compote;
  • marshmallow, tea;
  • boiled low-fat fish, rice, broth of rose hips.
  1. Friday:
  • millet porridge, boiled meat, coffee with milk;
  • baked pumpkin, herbal broth;
  • vegetable soup, stewed cabbage, compote;
  • baked Apple, tea;
  • vegetable stew, kefir.
  1. Saturday.
  • milk vermicelli soup, biscuits, coffee with milk;
  • Adygei cheese, tomato;
  • vegetable soup, boiled meat, tea;
  • fruit salad, broth of rose hips;
  • boiled fish, tea.
  1. Sunday.
  • pie with meat filling, coffee with milk;
  • dried fruits, tea;
  • beet soup, pilaf with boiled meat, vegetable salad, tea;
  • cottage cheese with banana;
  • pumpkin porridge, broth of rose hips.


There are many recipes of dishes that need to be adopted for proper nutrition and preparation of the menu for this disease. Here are some of them:

  1. Soup with squid. To prepare this dish you will need the following products: Brussels sprouts and squid carcasses (200 g), vegetable broth (600 g), herbs, salt. Carcass squid cleaned and crushed in the form of strips. First in boiling broth is placed cabbage, is boiled 5 minutes, and then is actually added seafood. The soup is cooked for another 3 minutes, and then sprinkled with chopped herbs and removed from the fire.
  2. fish Souffle. For cooking you will need the following products: fish fillet (100 g) milk (35 g), flour (about 2 g), 1 egg, salt, a piece of butter. First you need to boil the fish, then twist it in a meat grinder. In this mass of add milk, the yolk and oil, mix. Beat the remaining protein and add to other products. Grease the pan with butter, put the mass, bake at 180 degrees in the oven.
  3. Vegetable salad. For this dish you need to mix the following products: cucumber, tomato, pepper, lettuce. Add chopped greens, season olive oil. Salt to taste and stir.

Diet for cholecystitis

Diet with proper nutrition in cholecystitis helps to get rid of the main symptoms of gallbladder disease.

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