Diet Tina Kandelaki for weight loss reviews, menu

Tina Kandelaki DietThe Famous TV presenter Tina Kandelaki does not think that only a woman with a model appearance can look great. She is confident, stylish and interesting can be any woman who is able to skillfully emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.

Of Course, this does not mean that their weight is not necessary to monitor. But if you can't get rid of the problem overeating you may need to seek help from a psychologist to learn to deal with the stresses of daily life.

However, Tina refuses and completely from various methods of weight loss. And that's understandable, "star" of this level cannot afford to be seen not as fans expect. For her, it is important not only to look attractive, but also to be always energetic.

When choosing a power system for yourself Tina follows advice of famous nutritionists, and own flavoring preferences.

Basic rules nutrition, which constantly adheres to Tina Kandelaki:

1. In order to Wake up the body in the morning, start the day with a glass of water and a spoon olive oil.

2. TV presenter tries not to eat meat, preferring him fish steamed and seafood eggs.

3. Necessarily in the diet of Tina there are the soups. Their advantages include fast saturation at low calorie portions. Especially the likes of media personality and borscht soup.

4. In large numbers on the menu should be fruits and vegetables, low-calorie bread.

5. During the day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid. Of course, you should not drink sweet carbonated drinks. Preference should be given to drinking water, green tea and fresh juices.

6. Limit the use of sugar and products containing it, flour. Instead of sugar, it is better to use dried fruits and honey. (Sometimes Tina lets herself and bitter chocolate).

7. Eat less salt.

8. Eat often and little by little. It is in this power mode (see fractional power) the body does not put fats in reserve.

9. Very late dinners are not allowed.

To maintain the ideal shape and fast weight loss of 2-3 kg periodically Tina Kandelaki adheres to the following diet, designed for 3 days.

Three-Day diet from Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki's Menu for 3 days:

  • 1 day – 5 apples, green tea or tea with ginger, water.
  • day 2 – buckwheat porridge cooked on water without salt. Green or ginger tea, water.
  • day 3 – rice porridge, brewed the night before. Ginger tea, water.

Foods to Eat during the day in 5 receptions.

Tea and honey fasting days

In such fasting days Tina fully refuses from food, and sipping green tea with honey. (Tea she either insists on root ginger or adds to it cinnamon or Apple).

Itself Tina argues, that these quite hungry fasting days pass for it easily and raze not affect activity during the day.

In addition to unloading the tea with honey Tina and happy day fasting days the watermelon (2.5 kg of watermelon) or Apple (1.5 kg).

Tina is sure that it is much easier to keep fit all the time than to try to lose weight in all possible ways. Therefore, it monitors its nutrition and does not forget about physical activity.

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