Diet the Permyakova: how thin Luba from the Interns

Lyuba, a nurse from the TV series "Interns", quite a full woman, and, of course, the actress performing her role – Svetlana Permyakova – did not resort to the help of computer special effects for this. Now she is waiting for a new project for which she is going to lose weight, and this process is still, judging by the photo, very successfully. While it got rid of about 16 kilograms.

diet Menu Svetlana Permyakova is still unknown – according to rumors, the actress is preparing to become the host of a new show associated with the image and change of image, for which she loses weight; and before, in her opinion, she does not reach the ideal parameters for this, she will not reveal the secrets of her diet.

Separate statements to the press is possible, however, to understand that she advises to exclude from the diet sweet and flour, replacing them with vegetables and Chinese leaf salad, and any salad leaves. All "Goodies" and snacks were also excluded. Svetlana said the press that the taste is like a muscle that can and must train, and if you make the effort, to give up his beloved junk food earlier is quite real. But the rejection of protein (in lean meat) the actress has not confirmed. Meat in the diet is present.

Diet the Permyakova: how thin Luba from the Interns

It is Also known that the actress has drastically reduced the amount of food consumed, i.e. the amount eaten at once in every serving – probably the usual low-calorie method. This is a common technique. If you've never tried "eating less" but can't stand the calculated calorie list, try to start eating only when you really want to eat, and stop eating immediately once the hunger is satisfied. The desire to eat delicious and the desire to satisfy hunger are two different desires, they do not intersect with each other. The first will greatly interfere with weight loss.

There were also individual stories that help with weight loss Permyakova used green coffee and other drugs to reduce weight, however, as far as we know, this is not true – the pursuit of speed for the actress has never been more important than the General state of the body and health.

Lose Weight artificially, accelerated way – with the help of tablets, dietary SUPPLEMENTS or other "wonderful" means for a long time without harm to the body is impossible, and no matter how little these funds, judging by the packaging, contraindications and how colorful they say reviews on the manufacturer's website. Permyakova needs to lose weight not just for herself, it's part of her job, but she chose a healthy path, and it's a wise decision for anyone who wants to lose weight so that he does not return.

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Diet the Permyakova: how thin Luba from the Interns

Overall, according to rumors, the diet can be attributed, however, to low-carb.

Diet weight loss Permyakova, of course, is not limited to – it is a set of measures necessary, however, in any method of weight loss. the Actress regularly visits a massage – which not only increases muscle tone, but also tightens the skin: skin condition – an important point in weight loss, if it is produced quite intensively, and the initial weight was significant. Without massage, hydro massage or other procedures that tighten the skin, it can SAG, and the body becomes flabby.

As Far as known, Permyakova finds time and for sports exercise. The rhythm of life of actors and figures of show business exclusively loaded, and not everyone can be engaged in the hall, but basic exercises, like pumping up the press, push-UPS and squats, take a little time and they can be carried out without equipment – this means that you can deal with them anywhere, for example, in the morning in your apartment or at lunchtime, and do not waste time on the way to the hall.

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