Diet sybarite, how to make cocktail sybarite slimming reviews

sybarite dietDiet sybarite fully justifies its name, you will lose weight, not denying itself in tasty and healthy food. The whole secret – in a moderate decrease in caloric intake, the use of "right" foods rich in fiber and protein, and the establishment of a diet. Diet involves moderate exercise, which you have to choose yourself. For cocktail sybarite you will need cottage cheese and fruits, Ah and the very weight loss takes from six weeks to six months, depending on the initial data and the desired result.

Cocktail Sybarite

Elena Stoyanova, author of the diet, creatively reworked the idea of a protein-carbohydrate cocktail to replace one from meals. You will not need to buy something in a pharmacy or sports nutrition store.

To prepare a sybarite cocktail, you only need fresh ripe fruit or berries and low-fat cottage cheese. This combination of products for a long time can deceive your appetite. First of all, cottage cheese with berries or fruit is most reminiscent of dessert, which means that it is able to remove the craving for sweets in large quantities. Well, milk protein plus fruit pectin – a good filler for stomach and blood sugar "stabilizer". So, having Breakfast with a portion of Sybarite, you can be sure that you will do without sweets and cookies until lunch.

To prepare one serving of sybarite cocktail, you need to take:

    200 g cottage cheese low fat one and "conditional Apple" – 160g of berries, a large Apple, orange, nectarine or two, etc. Importantly, 100 g of cottage cheese accounted for 80 grams of fruit.

The Ingredients should be grind with a blender and mix in a homogeneous consistency of "cottage cheese". If you take apples – RUB them on a grater and give preference to juicy varieties. The cocktail is a single serving.

Sybarite Diet for weight loss

Slimming diet sybarite provides the following diet:

    • Breakfast: 1 serving of sybarite cocktail, eat slowly with a teaspoon. 1 Cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.
    • Second Breakfast: porridge from any natural cereals – buckwheat, brown rice, beans, chickpeas, millet. Cook porridge should be on the water, eat more than 200 grams at a time is prohibited.
    • 20 minutes before lunch – half of a cocktail of sybarite to reduce increased appetite.
    • Lunch: 150 g of chicken, meat or fish, low-fat, steamed, grilled or boiled. Large salad of any vegetables, with one tablespoon of natural vegetable oil. All you can eat "calorie-free", in addition to soda, tea, coffee, water.
    • Dinner: piece cocktail sybarite.
    • At night: a Cup of cocoa without milk and sugar, you can cook a drink with sweetener.

With this power you will be able to actively lose weight during 2-3 and more months'. Try to eat a variety – change products, choose different varieties of cottage cheese, various berries and fruits.

Diet sybarite to maintain weight

To maintain weight after weight loss, the sybarite program offers a choice of one of two ways. Or you have Breakfast, out of habit, a cocktail, and dinner with them, and in between choose the food that you like, but try not to overeat. Or you use the following diet to stabilize weights:

    • Breakfast: half of sybarite cocktail.
    • Second Breakfast: any light meal.
    • Lunch: 20 minutes before eating half a cocktail, then a portion of meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables, you can have a little buckwheat or baked potatoes. Sometimes replace the salad with soup.
    • Afternoon snack: half a cocktail.
    • Dinner: half a cocktail.
    • At night, you can drink yogurt or cocoa.

The sybarite Diet is a low-calorie balanced scheme losing weight. However, before using it is necessary to make sure whether you have lactose intolerance, and allergies to certain types of fruit. Well, for the rest, the system of sibarit Elena Stoyanova will help to get rid not only of excess weight, but also of bad eating habits – overeating, long breaks between meals, and abuse of sweets.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for effective diets for losing weight.

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