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Diet Anna Johansson 6 petalsDiet "six petals" Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson (Anna Johansson) – one of the new techniques to get rid of excess weight. This system of nutrition for effective weight loss uses the principle of protein-carbohydrate alternation.

For the six-day diet Anna Johansson losing weight adheres to six mono-diet, following strictly in a specific order.

    Anna Johansson warns: the diet is most effective only if the sequence of days is strictly observed.

Diet Anna JohanssonRecommendations on the number of products per day from losing weight:

  • 1 petal: fish 300-500 gr. finished product;
  • 2 petal: vegetables – 1-1.5 kg;
  • 3 petal: meat fillet – 500 gr.;
  • 4 petal: porridge – 200 gr. dry;
  • 5 petal: cottage cheese – 500 gr.;
  • 6 petal: fruits -1-1.5 kg.

Options menu for each day of the diet six petals:

Fish day:

8:00 – boiled fish, with a small amount of salt and spices
11:00 – fish baked in its own juice, with the addition of greens and a small amount of salt
14:00 – thick fish soup, without the use of vegetables and other components
17:00 – steamed fish with natural spices
20:00 – boiled fish with a minimum amount of salt
Between meals: fish broth, unsweetened tea

Vegetable day:

8:00 – two medium carrots grated on the grater
11:00 – mashed potatoes without oil with the addition of liquid in which boiled potatoes
14:00 – stewed vegetables (vegetable mix) with seasonings and salt
17:00 – whole vegetables, steamed
20:00 – raw vegetables
Between meals: fresh vegetable juices, unsweetened tea


8:00 – boiled chicken breast
11:00 – baked chicken fillet in foil with the addition of natural spices
14:00 – chicken soup with herbs and spices
17:00 – grilled chicken (without skin)
20:00 – boiled chicken fillet
Between meals: low-fat chicken broth, tea

Cereal day:

8:00 – porridge of sprouted wheat, cooked on water
11:00 – buckwheat porridge with salt and spices, cooked on water
14:00 – not steamed boiled rice
17:00 – oatmeal on the water 50 grams of nuts or seeds
20:00 – buckwheat porridge with greens
Between meals: allowed in small quantities natural kvass, herbal tea

Curd day:

8:00 – low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 tablespoons of natural yogurt without additives
11:00 – low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of a small amount of milk
14:00 – low-fat cottage cheese without everything
17:00 – cottage cheese with milk
20:00 – low-fat cottage cheese without total
Between meals: permitted in all day to drink 1 glass of milk tea in any quantity

Fruit of the day:

8:00 – two red apples Cup of coffee
11:00 – one banana
14:00 – grape orange
17:00 – pineapple kiwi
20:00 – two green apples
Between meals: fresh fruit juices (dilute with half water), herbal teas

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