Diet Svetlana Permyakova: as an actress quickly lost 16 kg

Svetlana Permyakova, star of the series "Interns", was remembered by viewers as a donut. But now even the most loyal fans find it difficult to recognize her, as she lost 16 pounds! 

How Permyakova decided to lose weight

It's No secret that Svetlana always had an image of a cheerful bbw, and she felt comfortable in it. She quietly ate whatever I want, and wouldn't even look at a cock.

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However, after the birth of her daughter Svetlana noticed that her figure turned from feminine to spherical. At this point, she decided to pull herself together and get rid of excess weight. To do this, the actress tried a lot: special pills, fat-burning teas, acupuncture... But the desired effect brought more traditional methods. 

Diet Svetlana Permyakova

As and rely actress, Svetlana chose Hollywood diet, which made its adjustments. The principles of this technique were quite simple:

  1. it is Necessary to refuse sugar and sugar-containing products, flour products, fatty and fried dishes. Also under the ban fall products, which include preservatives - a sausage, canned food, etc.
  2. the Amount of salt in the diet should be reduced to a minimum, as it retains fluid in the body. Instead, it is allowed to use aromatic herbs and condiment.
  3. the Basis of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, fish, low-fat varieties, legumes and mushrooms. As a snack, nuts and sesame seeds are well suited, but in strictly limited quantities. 
  4. the Last meal should be about 4 hours before bedtime. If you experience an irresistible feeling of hunger before going to bed, then drink a glass of one-percent kefir. 
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Svetlana notes, that achieve remarkable results slimming it helped not only diet but also sports. Despite the busy schedule, she always found time to do the exercises!

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