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Diet on starchesstarch Diet – developed by Professor D. McDougall of the University of Hawaii. Being a certified nutritionist, this doctor is not afraid to break stereotypes – he offers his patients to completely abandon animal proteins to lose weight and speed up metabolism.

In the course clinical research D. McDougall received interesting results. It turns out that the human body is easiest to assimilate it starch-containing products. Therefore, if you eat only them, your body will not experience stress, and therefore, in compliance with the average calorie diet, quickly give "accumulated good".

To suit diet starches

This atypical nutrition system will be good only for those who do not suffer from lack of animal protein. If you do not think days without a steak sandwich with cheese or yogurt, look for another system of weight loss, because Machall advises once and for all excluded from the diet:

• Any meat;
• Eggs;
• Fish and caviar;
• Dairy produce.

You Need to be prepared for the whole period of the diet to take vitamins for strict vegetarians – your body may face a serious deficiency of vitamin B12. Who does not approve of the starch diet, and considers it unbalanced.

In domestic clinical practice, protein-free diets are practiced in the treatment of patients with renal failure and cirrhosis. Naturally, patients reduce fat mass on such a diet, but they also lose a certain amount of muscle.

Diet on starches

According to McDougall, human food it should be 70% whole grain, legumes and potatoes, 20% vegetables, and 10% fruit. About "processed" food and concentrates, baking, sweets of industrial preparation except dried fruits it is necessary to forget once and for all.

Approximate menu for weight loss on starches looks like this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with any fruit on the water, no added oil
Snack: 10-20 g of nuts or seeds
Lunch: vegetable salad, a portion of boiled potatoes
Snack: 1 Apple or banana
Dinner: a portion of boiled lentils with rice and vegetables, without oil.

Most modern nutritionists believe that such a diet can only be used as unloading after abuse of fatty meat dishes, and its use for long diet is fraught with slow metabolism.

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