Diet roller Coaster for weight loss reviews, menu

Diet Roller CoasterDiet Roller coaster uses the idea of varying the caloric content of food in order to overcome the adaptation of the body. The author of the system M. Katan argues that if a person did not know how to adapt to fluctuations in caloric intake and then accelerate, then slow down the metabolism, we would have lost representatives of professions related to physical activity, and some people put on weight would be to just astronomical proportions. Lose weight on "gorkakh", meanwhile, can only very disciplined and selfless girl.

Rules nutrition "American Gorok"

  • the Rules of the diet are simple. The first three days you eat 600 kcal, then 3 days 900 kcal, then 3 days 1200 kcal.
  • After passing the cycle once, repeat it until you lose weight to the required values, and keep the diet of 1200 kcal for at least 2 weeks after the end of the diet.

The Second version of the roller coaster is "inspired" by the recommendations of who doctors that you can not reduce the caloric content of food below the mark in 1200 kcal. This option offers the first 3 days of "sitting" at 1200 kcal, then – 1400 kcal and finally 1600 kcal.

The Diet has already become "popular", so you can find a lot of other options and descriptions, United by a common idea – change caloric intake every three days diet. This period is scientifically justified – Katan has proved that this is how much the body "holds" in the regime of weight loss, before slowing down metabolism. What is on this diet?

Diet Menu roller coaster

Sometimes, girls eat cookies and candy, and even proudly say, they say, the diet helps to give up your favorite foods. However, in the name of the health of the gastrointestinal tract still have to give up if you do not want to then face problems more serious than weight loss. Diet "one candy, one cookie" is fraught with danger to the skin. So that, in addition, not to be covered with pimples, we advise you to build a diet menu Roller Coaster ride as follows.

First 3 days

Breakfast: 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese
Second Breakfast: 200 g of berries or one unsweetened medium-sized fruit (not juice!)
Lunch: 200 ml vegetable soup, 2 crisps or a handful of bran.
Snack: 4 egg whites with greens
Dinner: 100 g any boiled fish

The next three days

Breakfast: 100 g oatmeal on water, 1 grated Apple
Second Breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese, cabbage salad with vegetable butter, 30 g of dark bread
Lunch: Vegetable salad and 100 g chicken or fish
Snack: a Glass of kefir with bran
Dinner: 100 g shrimp

"Third" three days

Breakfast: 200 g any porridge on water with 1 tablespoon vegetable oils
Second Breakfast: Yogurt or kefir
Lunch: 200 g chicken breast, tomato and cucumber salad, 1 small baked potato
Snack: 2 apples or oranges, or 1 banana
Dinner: 100 g chicken, fish or cottage cheese, vegetable salad.

To dull hunger, drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Try to use only sea salt in minimal quantities, it is better to abandon the salt.

When Dieting, do not forget about need to perform exercises, but remember that low-calorie slides are quite poorly combined with high-intensity training, strength training for the development of strength endurance, crossfit, fast running and swimming for long distances.

During a strict diet, limit yourself to yoga, Pilates, walking and leisurely Cycling. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, and spend 1 hour a day in the fresh air, or doing any pleasant thing, which will distract you from thinking about food.

Avoid Amateur in the matter of strict diets – be sure to consult your doctor regarding the need to eat according to the scheme "600-900-1200".

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