Diet "Revolution" for weight loss, reviews, menu

Diet RevolutionDiet "Revolution" or weight loss system 80/20 – one of the options protein-carbohydrate alternation. According to the author of the American nutritionist Jennifer Ashton, this diet is ideal for women over 30 years tired of unbalanced diets and overloads in the fitness room. In just 5 weeks you will be able to normalize the hormonal background, lose weight without any breakdowns and learn a healthy way maintain weight for the rest of your life.

Whom be appropriate diet Revolution

Diet has such a loud name of the television show D. Ashton. It is easy to guess that Jennifer teaches to reduce weight and transform ordinary Americans a little older than 30. However, the system is suitable for twenty-year-olds, nothing physiologically dangerous for young girls in it.

Contraindications to the "revolution" are standard – kidney, liver, heart, blood vessels and diagnosed eating disorders. It is better not to sit on this diet if you want to combine low-calorie diet with high-intensity training, nutrition does not cover the needs of athletes according to carbohydrates.

Not suitable diet and those who like to save money on food D. Ashton advises to choose only the quality fresh products, and focus on fresh vegetables and fruits, excluding canned food.

Rules diet "Revolution"

The Diet is very convenient for the working woman, the main principle:

    "a five-day work week for diet, a weekend for planned rest from it."

During the week, your menu includes only fresh raw vegetables, cooked and stewed non-starchy vegetables, fresh fruit, and three to five servings of low-fat protein dishes.

An example of a diet "revolution" for weight loss

• Breakfast: omelet of 6 egg whites with spinach, 1 Apple
• Snack: a glass of milk or a protein shake with a minimum of fat
• Lunch: 120 g chicken breast with any vegetable salad
• Snack: 20-30 g of nuts, pear
• Dinner: 200 g of steamed fish, boiled broccoli.
Drink water, coffee and tea without sugar, exclude carbonated drinks, even those that contain sweeteners.

In each of the weekend you can afford one deviation from low-carbon low-calorie diet. Select a product from the list, and eat it instead of one of the meals:

  • 1 cake;
  • 1 piece of cake, any filling;
  • 350 ml of beer or a glass of wine;
  • 1 serving of ice cream or dessert with cream;
  • 1 slice of pizza;
  • 1 portion of pasta or lasagna with mushrooms;
  • 1 sandwich with cheese and tomatoes on dark bread;
  • 30 g chocolate's.

Diet is combined with a training plan in the style of 3 strength training per week, plus 2-4 cardiothoracic different orientation. In fact, it is a good old rule of "little indulgences", and can be considered a useful diet, especially if you know how to control the size of portions.

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