Diet Pushinka – results, reviews

Being light and airy like a feather is a cherished dream of many women! On the Internet you can find a wide variety of descriptions of dietary diets, according to which to reduce weight in the shortest possible time – it is a reality. Diet Fluff – one of such systems of weight loss, and it is developed by the simple girl who suffered from an Allergy and therefore could not observe many widespread diets in this connection decided to eat on own method.

It is Known that the author of the system name is Irina, she is not a dietitian, but only developed a highly effective method of burning excess weight: she says that for 90 days, took off 35 pounds! Minus 35 kg for such a short period of time is an excellent result, but does not it conceal the pitfalls? However, everything in order.

Rules diet Fluff

The Main component of the diet under consideration is pearl barley porridge, with only 100 grams of barley allowed to be consumed every day. Grits filled with water overnight and in the morning cooked. Salt should be excluded from the diet during diet. You should also refuse from sugar, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks. And here is water, contrary, need to drink in large numbers.

Diet Fluff

Sample menu

  • For Breakfast: a Cup of kefir and a small portion of pearl barley
  • Before lunch: again pearl porridge
  • Lunch: barley and some baked or boiled fish
  • Dinner: again a mess and a huge portion of the usual cabbage fresh the form of
  • the Second dinner: perlovka

As you can see, the diversity in this diet is not observed. Therefore, "Fluff" can be called a kind of salt-free monodieta, which includes 4 products: pearl porridge, fish (low-fat varieties), fresh cabbage and kefir.

Important! If you still decide to stick to the diet of Fluff, be sure to buy at the pharmacy vitamin complex, which contains most of the vitamins and minerals.

Pros diets

  • Ability to lose a large amount of excess weight
  • Nutrition is relatively balanced, despite its "extreme"

Diet Fluff


  • it is Strongly not recommended to observe constantly
  • diet Poverty
  • a Huge stress to the body
  • High risk of overweight return
  • Muscle loss

Shortcomings of "Fluff", unfortunately, more than the benefits and it must be taken into account before deciding go to this type of food.


Elena, 30 years. Almost bent...Lost only 5 kg, but at what cost! I do not like this food at all.

Alexandra, 42 years old. 4 product – it's very little. And will vitamins be able to compensate for the missing? I think this diet can sit on the strength of 4-5 days, but not 90.

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