Diet Protasov: detailed description, menu for each day, table

Well-Known nutritionist Kim Protasov has developed an effective diet that helps to get rid of excess weight. In the people it was called "brawl". Many people liked this diet, because it allows you to eat at any time and does not limit the amount of portions. The number of pounds lost depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the original weight. In General, the diet of Kim Protasov is low-carb menu, which is based on the use of dairy products and fresh non-starchy vegetables.

The article gives a detailed description of Kim Protasov's diet, lists of permitted and prohibited products and a table with a daily menu for 5 weeks.

General description of diet Protasov

The Total duration of the diet for Protasov is 5 weeks, not counting the time out of it (usually 2-5 weeks'.) The menu is based on the use of a large number of dairy products and vegetables, except those that contain a lot of starch. Also gradually introduced into the diet of meat and fish. Simple carbohydrates, on the contrary, should be reduced as much as possible.

Note! During the diet of Protasov per day is required to use from 1 200 to 1 500 kcal. If you follow the basic rules, for 5 weeks you can lose 5-20 kg of excess weights. If necessary, the course of diet can be repeated, but not earlier than 1 year.

On its official website Kim Protasov posted a detailed menu for each day and a description of the diet, which, in his opinion, allows to achieve stunning results. In addition, it gives recommendations to people seeking to lose weight in a short time.

Main advantages

Advantages of "potasovki" a lot. Main advantage are:

  • availability – diet menu Protasov consists of simple and inexpensive products that are used daily in the human diet;
  • recovery – adhering to this diet every day, improves metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins (in particular, this is due to the use of large amounts of fiber contained in vegetables);
  • result in short timing – the diet is designed for only 5 weeks, which allows you to lose weight and at the same time avoid stress for the body;
  • high efficiency – fat deposits are broken down without harming muscle tissue (rather, on the contrary, due to the large amount of protein, which is the building material for muscles, they are strengthened);
  • no restrictions on the amount of servings.

Despite the fact that some products can be consumed in any quantity at a certain time, overeating is not recommended. It is enough to eat a portion necessary for saturation.

Note! Another advantage of the diet Protasov is that in case of failure do not have to start all over again. It is enough to make an additional vegetable day, and then you can continue.

The Disadvantages of diet Protasov

Among the disadvantages we should mention the following:

  • possible difficulties with searching for quality products – for example, the menu requires the use of natural cheese 5% fat, and given the large number of chemical ingredients in the modern supermarket, there may be problems (the same applies to yoghurts with flavors and sweeteners);
  • it is prohibited to deviate even slightly from the prohibition regarding sweets;
  • there is a possibility of oversaturation of the body with fiber – to avoid this, it is recommended to use a variety of vegetables;
  • in winter it is difficult to find natural vegetables;
  • lack of hot food;
  • a feeling of chills – in many slimming reviews listed this symptom in the form of side effect.

Harder just shifting a diet Protasov 1 week. The reason for this in most cases is monotonous menu. But do not turn off the intended path. Soon the body becomes accustomed to the changes in feeding, and day-to-day to sustain the diet becomes much easier.

List of permitted products

Permitted foods on diet Protasova:

  • dairy products with a fat content of about 5% (cottage cheese, natural yogurt, fermented baked milk, curd, yogurt and others);
  • fish, meat, poultry of low-fat varieties;
  • seafood;
  • offal (liver, chicken stomachs, kidneys, lungs);
  • fresh green apples;
  • fresh vegetables (cabbage, radish, zucchini, carrots, beets and others that do not contain a large amount of starch);
  • greens (leeks, parsley, dill, etc.);
  • seaweed, seaweed, nori;
  • eggs;
  • tea and coffee without sugar and additives, decoctions and infusions of herbs;
  • natural fresh squeezed vegetable and Apple juices;
  • natural spices and seasonings.

Note! Vegetables and apples during the diet Protasov allowed to eat every day only raw, without prior heat treatment. Thus, fried, boiled, baked and even frozen vegetables and fruits are prohibited.

It is Advisable to take multivitamin complexes, but provided that they do not contain oils, sugar and other prohibited additives. Especially important during the diet vitamin B

As for the method of cooking, any of them is allowed. However, baking and frying is carried out without the addition of oils and fats.

List of prohibited products

In the diet of Kim Protasov from the menu should be excluded the following products:

  • sausages;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • crab sticks;
  • sauces;
  • canned (even homemade);
  • smoked, fermented, dried products, pickles;
  • vegetables after heat treatment;
  • vinegar;
  • mushrooms;
  • honey;
  • cocoa;
  • juices in packages;
  • any broths;
  • gelatin;
  • soy;
  • milk;
  • dairy products with flavors, sweeteners and other additives;
  • potatoes;
  • avocado, watermelon;
  • beans;
  • cereals.

Sweet carbonated drinks are Prohibited.

Diet Kim Protasov: table with detailed menu on every day

In the table is described menu diet Kim Protasov every day for weeks. Four meals a day: 3 main meals and 1 snack in the afternoon.

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch afternoon Snack Dinner
1 week
Monday cottage Cheese crackers with greens Fresh tomatoes stuffed with egg and vegetables cottage Cheese casserole, mashed potatoes green Apple Vegetable salad with dressing in the form of kefir
Tuesday Adygei cheese, greens, sweet pepper Vegetable salad with a dressing of natural yoghurt, boiled egg Smoothie with yogurt, carrots and greens Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese paste with greens
Wednesday Summer cucumber soup, garlic and zucchini on the basis of kefir green Apple and red cabbage Salad with yogurt Cucumbers with cottage cheese and garlic Salad of fresh tomatoes, cottage cheese and arugula
Thursday Cleansing salad of cabbage, carrots, beets, herbs, lemon juice and a spoonful of water Apple, carrot and celery with yogurt Tomato cold soup with greens Pumpkin with yogurt and apples
Friday cottage Cheese casserole, boiled egg, Apple with cinnamon Vegetable salad of carrots, spinach and broccoli Homemade cheese, cherry tomatoes Cabbage with herbs and yogurt
Saturday Omelet with greens Tomatoes, greens, cabbage with yogurt Pumpkin tomato, fermented baked milk Kefir cold soup with celery, cucumber and green Apple
Sunday Smoothies with carrots, Apple and kefir Vegetable salad of any of the allowed vegetables with yogurt Greek yogurt, Apple Tomato soup with garlic, green, paprika and colored cabbage
2 week
Monday Rolls of vegetables, homemade cheese Raw stuffed cabbage with cottage cheese and herbs Egg with cottage cheese in the oven Rolls from eggs, in which wrapped sweet pepper, cottage cheese and cucumber
Tuesday Salad with Apple, carrots and pumpkins Raw stuffed tomatoes, Basil and parsley wrapped in Peking cabbage leaves Cocktail of tomatoes, kefir and greens Okroshka vegetable on kefir
Wednesday Omelet, fresh silt lemon and celery Cold soup of carrot, beet, garlic, greens, peppers and tomatoes mineral water yogurt Smoothies and ryazhenka with the addition of natural vanilla and cinnamon Vegetable salad from allowed foods, seasoned with fermented baked milk
Thursday Fresh carrot, curd crackers Salad with carrots, beets and cheese, dressed with mayonnaise diet (yogurt, garlic, herbs) Carrots with Apple, grated Carrot, bell pepper, garlic, cucumber, Savoy cabbage, tomatoes, chopped in a blender and seasoned with yogurt
Friday Beet with Apple on grater Salad from household cheese, tomatoes, garlic and greenery, with yogurt Smoothie consisting of tomato juice, greens, lemon juice, cucumber and bell pepper cottage Cheese, whipped with egg protein and herbs and then fried on dry pan
Saturday Gazpacho from tomatoes, peppers, herbs and celery, chopped in Lengere and dressed with yogurt Rolls with cottage cheese and cucumber Apple-yoghurt cocktail Salad from boiled eggs, cucumber and greenery, seasoned kefir
Sunday scrambled Eggs, tomatoes egg Salad, tomatoes, carrots and herbs Smoothie from yogurt and Apple, with adding mint Broccoli, grated with cucumber, garlic and herbs, seasoned with kefir
3 week
Monday Salad of white cabbage, boiled egg, cucumber, seasoned with a mixture of yogurt, parsley, spinach and celery whipped in a blender iceberg Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken breast seasoned with curd Rolls of cottage cheese, cucumber, wrapped in an omelet Vegetable salad of any vegetables are allowed
Tuesday Daikon with cheese and carrots in kefir Beet with garlic and greenery in yogurt Vegetable salad with lemon juice Salad of shrimp, cucumber, bell pepper, onion lettuce, lemon juice
Wednesday Eggs with greenery Trout, baked in foil, raw vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers) Salad from radish, Apple and carrot with yogurt Applesauce, curd
Thursday Boiled eggs Fresh tomatoes, cottage cheese, boiled minced cottage Cheese with protein, mixed with cinnamon, grated carrots and Apple Salad vegetables without oil
Friday Pancakes from cottage cheese and garlic patties of minced fish for a couple of Sweet pepper stuffed with cottage cheese and vegetables Vegetable salad with dressing from curdled
Saturday Cucumbers, cottage cheese and greens in kefir Apple, cucumber, celery, dill, cabbage Vegetable salad from zucchini, carrot, salad iceberg with lemon juice Chicken fillet baked in oven with cottage cheese
Sunday Cold soup of cucumbers, herbs, garlic and spices in kefir Peking cabbage, squid and chicken vegetable salad Salad with carrots, greens, radish with lemon juice Vegetable salad of white cabbage, sweet pepper, radish, tomatoes and greens
4 week
Monday Arugula with cherry tomatoes, sweet pepper, cottage cheese and herbs Apple, carrots and beets on a grater with yogurt Cucumbers stuffed with cottage cheese and herbs Turkey breast in the oven with the yogurt and Basil
Tuesday Cold kefir soup with cucumber, bell pepper and tomato Salad from boiled beef language, cucumber and eggs, with yogurt homemade cheese and boiled egg Sandwiches, laid out on pieces vegetables Vegetable salad with yogurt dressing
Wednesday Omelet, vegetable salad with lemon juice cottage Cheese casserole with eggs in yogurt sauce Okroshka from vegetables on kefir Liver beef, stewed in kefir, tomatoes
Thursday cottage Cheese casserole with eggs and ryazhenka Steam cutlets, vegetable salad Tomatoes, stuffed greens with cottage cheese Salad from cucumber and zucchini
Friday Omelet with fish fillet Cold beet soup beets, greens and cucumber in yogurt Rolls of omelet, seaweed, cucumber and cottage cheese Cold beetroot soup with beetroot, garlic, greens, tomatoes and cucumbers
Saturday cheese Souffle Pizza on the basis of eggs with vegetables Cocktail from kefir, Apple, vanilla and mint egg pancake Pie stuffed with chicken, cucumber and cottage cheese
Sunday Beet smoothie. Apples and carrots with kefir squid, tomato, garlic and Lettuce cheese cottage Cheese casserole Pumpkin, Apple, zucchini on a grater with curd
5 week
Monday Envelopes from Chinese cabbage, which is wrapped in a mixture of Apple, cheese and herbs Stuffed eggs Smoothie from Apple and kefir Chicken liver from Beijing cabbage
Tuesday Curd crackers Baked salmon with vegetables Apple, parsley, celery and yogurt Vegetable salad
Wednesday Salad with cucumbers and celery with yogurt Vegetable salad with yogurt, homemade cheese Apple, yogurt Beef, baked in the oven
Thursday Cheese, cabbage, egg, fennel Chicken fried with spices, vegetables Carrots rubbed with a block Cheese, egg, onion, carrot, yogurt
Friday cottage Cheese I Apple, cinnamon and vanilla fish fillet in the oven with garlic and herbs Tomatoes in blender with pepper, lemon juice Squash paste in sauce (tomatoes and fresh Basil)
Saturday Apple with yogurt and celery vegetable Rolls Carrot and Apple, cottage cheese Caesar Salad with chicken, Iceberg, cherry tomatoes and lemon juice
Sunday Home-made cheese and tomatoes liver Pate, egg, yogurt cucumber Cocktail. Radishes, tomatoes, greens and kefir Vegetable salad of sweet pepper, cucumber, radish, tomatoes

Exit from diet

After surviving A diet Kim Protasov, detailed description of the menu which by days and weeks is presented in the table, it is necessary to take care of the correct exit from it. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep the result.

Vegetable oils are Gradually introduced into the diet – no more than 3 teaspoons per day. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of dairy products. The first two weeks after the diet you need to have Breakfast porridge on the water. Then you can add nuts. Apples – an essential product in the diet, however, gradually you need to enter and other fruits. Also slowly introduced broths: vegetable, meat, fish.

It is Not recommended to introduce different products on the same day. Sweets and pastries remain banned for 2 months.

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